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 May 8, 2019

“The Lord” is the only world we live in despite the multitude of foggy suggestions we are presented with. It does not matter what suggestion reports. What matters is reality, God.

To experience more of God we must understand that God is consciousness, not mental, physical or material. God cannot be perceived mentally, physically or materially. This is why attempting to reach God through the mind to bring through the reality of mind, body or world fails.

God is God alone. We must completely yield and, in our emptiness, our nothingness, let God reveal itself in its own way and as its own form.

If we have anything whatsoever in mind that we want God to heal we fail, yet the completely yielded state experiencing even a glimmer of the un-explainable presence within sees that presence conceptually, and healing takes place.

From Chapter 12, The Visibility of God
Healing of the Body page 156

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