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May 10, 2018

When life challenges us it is because we have unwittingly accepted and are living as belief in separation and difference from God.

We believe we, our minds, bodies and worlds are entities in themselves; we are the prodigal son or daughter lost in a forest of good and bad — belief.

Because belief is experience, our good experiences are defiled by bad.

But realize that no matter how seriously we may be plagued with the experiences of disease, pain, lack, limitation, immorality or injustice these are not entities but are only the out-picturing of universal belief unwittingly accepted as personal.

Not one, nor its opposite (the material solution to the material problem) has reality in itself.

Not one has a law or principle to sustain itself in experience. God is the infinitude God, not good vs. bad; and only God itself is law and principle.

From Healing of the Body page 76

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