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 May 10, 2019

Everything everywhere is God because God is the only, the infinite, one, omnipresent existence.

Whatever we observe—no matter whether it is believed to be human, animal, vegetable, mineral, animate, or inanimate, something ancient or something of the highest modern technology such as the computer industry, the internet universe, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, and so on—is God.

With risen consciousness we see risen form and function. For instance, the highly functional computers and iPads/tablets of today existed right where the very first computers were but we could not see them. With risen awareness we now see them.

To outer appearance they seem to be the result of two and a half decades or so of technological innovation, but what they actually are are risen consciousness and its self-visibility.

Every degree of unfolding consciousness evidences itself as innovation, development, betterment, improvement in every category of life. And because God, the finished kingdom, is infinite there is no end to the degrees of unfoldment we will experience.

The computers of ten and one hundred years into the future exist now, right where your current computer sits. If you accept what sense testimony presents to, today's modern computers appear to be as functional and as slick as can be, but if you realize them to be a form and function of consciousness, their infinity of function and form become tangible to you.

As a form of consciousness, your computer is an agent of omniscience—a very real omniscience you can tap into when you lift higher in awareness than the appearing outer form that we call a computer. Do you catch that?

From Chapter 12, The Visibility of God from the new
Healing of the Body page 157

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