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May 12, 2018

God, the infinite, is consciousness and “besides me [consciousness] there is none else.”

Consciousness is incorporeal, omnipresent, and because there is “none else,” there is no power or influence that can “change” consciousness into something “else.”

Only consciousness is. All is that.
    God is one—one consciousness, one spirit, one being, one body, one substance, one condition, one activity, one place, one infinity, one omnipresence, one incorporeality.

And because the whole of God is equally present at every point of itself at the same time, all is the whole of oneness.

Nothing of the infinitude is different from or separate from this very being, body and place that you are and that all is.

This very being that you and all are, this instant and forever, is the entirety of God. “Son, I am ever with you, and all that I have is yours.”

From Healing of the Body page 76

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