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 June 4, 2019

If it was possible for God to be evident in human consciousness, nothing but heaven on earth would exist.

God is love, God is one, God is the finished kingdom, God is life eternal. God being the one truth of existence, birth and death would not exist. How could they if life is eternal? Life and body are one. There is no such thing as unembodied life.

Life is not ethereal, life is here and now, real and practical. This very life is the one life. The beliefs we hold about “invisible” vs.”visible,” “ethereal” vs. “palpable” do not exist in God. If they did, God would be two states of existence, not one.

Let us dissolve the beliefs that eternal life can be born and then die, be visible and then invisible; that a tiny fraction of life is practical but the vast majority is ethereal and out of our practical reach.

Such beliefs are nonsensical. God is the only life—your life here and now. Because this is true, you have every quality, quantity, and ability that God itself has. “Son, you are ever with me, and all that I have is yours.”

From Chapter 13, Mind Is Form, from the new
Healing of the Body, Page 164
(to be published soon)

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