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 June 6, 2019

God is all that exists and God is love, therefore all that exists is love. What we experience as inhumanity is a veil of belief clouding the reality—the tangible presence—of love that we all are in truth.

Lift the veil, and not one moment of intolerance, argument, hate or war exists. Not one person harbors thoughts of greed, injustice, inequality or racism. There is no lack or limitation. There is no injury, disease, or decrepitude. There is no birth and death. There are all the terrible errors of collective believe.

Right behind that veil is the one divine reality of life. You are this reality, I am this reality, all people are this reality. The “I” of life—the very I of you—is the one eternal, inner-outer self-completeness of life.

From Chapter 13, Mind Is Form, from the new
Healing of the Body, Page 165
(to be published soon)

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