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 June 28, 2019

If it were possible to sit in a chair and experience God coming to us, healing, prospering and bringing love and harmony to our lives, the masters would have instructed us to do so.

Sooner or later, we all discover that God does not “come to us”—even if we devotedly pray and meditate. God does not heal, prosper, harmonize or pacify us, others or our world despite our earnest efforts to “keep our minds on God,” and to “be still, and know God.” Even during our greatest pain, suffering and disaster, God does not come to the rescue. We have all had the experience of a non-yielding problem despite much effort to “reach” God, pray to God, even beg and plead for God’s help.

God does not, nor can It “come to” and heal the human scene any more than math can “come to” 3 + 3 equals 5 and make it 6.

From Chapter 14, Abide In Me, from the new
Healing of the Body, Page 171
(to be published soon)

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