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July 4, 2016

Spiritual being has nothing to demonstrate. All good already is. . . . Solomon realized this and said, "Give me neither poverty nor riches." Give me satisfaction in and by and of God alone. That is the true satisfaction that, through our corporeal senses, becomes evident as human and worldly fulfillment.

From Satisfied With God Alone, page 231

Happy Independence Day America!

As America celebrates its country's independence today, let us all, as spiritual devotees, realize that the true and ultimate independence is that of being satisfied with God or spiritual good alone. Spiritual living and reliance is the one independence that evidences true individualism and freedom, universal and unconditional love, unity, kindness, compassion, giving and sharing.

Let us lift our awareness from the personal to the universal today, from "I, me, mine" to God itself as the infinite and omnipresent one life of all persons throughout the world and beyond.

No matter where we live in the world, let us lift our consciousness from "our country" into the one universal, and lovingly embrace all peoples and all countries.

Let us devote one specific hour (or more) today emptying ourselves of personal sense, belief and judgment, becoming a vacuum, a nothingness, a "window of heaven" as which and "through" which God can shine as the gift of love, the light of life, the presence of safety, security and peace, and the substance of harmony and freedom for all in our world this day.

What greater independence than this
can we each celebrate?

What greater gift of independence than this
can we give to each other and to our world?


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