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August 15, 2018

 We have heard that the only way to experience God, good, is to rise up into God consciousness. We understand that we cannot bring God “down” to materiality; we cannot bring the infinite “down” or “into” the finite, the incorporeal “down” or “into” the corporeal, spirit “down” or “into” matter.

The corporeal, physical, material experience is unreal in itself. It is belief about that which is actually one hundred percent God-spirit-truth, and belief can never evidence truth. Belief can only evidence itself.

We have to drop belief and lift our sense into God itself. This is the great key.

When we have it, we have found the straight and narrow way, our consciousness is open to the experience of the healed and renewed body.

From the Chapter, Go To Where God Is, Part One,
Healing of the Body page 99

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