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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The felt experience of God "and" the form of true good (health or healing, love, abundance, harmony, peace of mind, body, world) are one, not two.

I want you to really hear this. Experiencing the presence of God "and" visible, tangible forms of good, are one and inseparable (just as water and wet are one and inseparable).

It is just that we have an objective sense of the one omnipresence, the one fulfillment. The seeming "two" or "separate" or "different" experiences are actually one and the same and take place at the same instant of experience.

Think. Does wet come after water, or water after wet? Water "and" wet are the same substance, same form, same experience. So of God. God "and" fulfilled life are the same substance, same form, same experience -- instantaneous.


From Satisfied With God Alone page 308


Satisfied With
God Alone
by Paul F. Gorman

November 1, 2014
312 pages, paperback,

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