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Monday, August 28, 2017

In this way, our resources never run dry. In this way, we cannot stop the flow of good, of life, of love, of abundance and harmony filling us and pouring from us.

We are powerless to stop or even slow down the abundant outpouring of giving, serving and sharing that fills us, animates us and fulfills our purpose. We are the living presence, the living spirit, infinity, wisdom, activity and formation of God on — as — earth.

We have finally and gloriously lost the personal belief of self and its singular efforts, and are now living our true identity and purpose, that of being the life and purpose of God as individual being on earth — God as God, to God, for God.


From Satisfied With God Alone page 309


Satisfied With
God Alone
by Paul F. Gorman

November 1, 2014
312 pages, paperback,

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