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August 30, 2018

 “Going to where God is” can be likened to rising in an elevator from the basement to the penthouse of an apartment building. The experience of the penthouse is entirely different from that of the basement.

Let’s say we have lived our lives in the basement, and we now wish to experience the greater spaciousness, light, and vista afforded us from the penthouse. How do we achieve it? We cannot bring the penthouse down to the basement. The only way we can experience the penthouse is to rise to where it is.

We take the elevator to the penthouse. When we reach it, the greater spaciousness, light, and vista are as free as the air to us. The elevation of the penthouse constitutes these joys and fulfillments.

Once we have reached the penthouse we have everything it constitutes.

In this way, once we have risen in God consciousness we have everything of God, good. "As I am lifted up from the earth, I draw all men [all of earth, all of experience] unto me."

From the Chapter, Go To Where God Is, Part One,
Healing of the Body page 102

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