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September 2, 2018

 Do not be concerned if belief lingers in your mind. You will understand the truth of mind and how to take control of it as we continue.

For now, be assured that when you understand God to be the only existence; when you begin to drop concern and effort for the physical and material in themselves, and instead fill your thinking with spirit and truth; and as you rest, relax and freely receive, truth is able to "shine through" and reveal its image and likeness as the healthy body and harmonious world.

In and “through” the stillness and transparency of being, there God is as the visible image and likeness of itself.

The fog of belief is dispelled, and the truth of mind, body and world is perfectly clear and visible. You have "risen" to where God is, to where God as mind as formation is tangible and real.

Health and harmony are now as free as the air for you and for all who touch your consciousness.

From the Chapter, Go To Where God Is, Part One,
Healing of the Body page 104

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Paul F. Gorman

September 27, 2017
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