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September 4, 2018

If we allow belief (universal hypnotism) and its sense testimony to rule, we will observe the world through the lens of belief, and say,

“No, the universe is not consciousness but matter; the mind is mental and the body is physical with internal organs and functions on which life depends. I am exposed to a multitude of good and bad powers which operate upon me without my having control over them.

"Without warning, my body can be injured or inflicted with disease; my business can suffer insufficient revenues and margins; I can experience lack and limitation; my family and home can be threatened by having insufficient money; I, my, family, and my business can b threatened by economic collapse.

"Certainly, I have to survive and hopefully live happily, safely and securely in a world of both good and bad.

"As a truth student, I intellectually understand that consciousness exists as the “essence” of the universe, but this knowledge does not help me and my immediate human and material needs.

"What practical help is truth to the pressing demands of every day life?”

From Chapter 10, Go To Where God Is, Part Two,
Healing of the Body page 105

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Paul F. Gorman

September 27, 2017
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