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October 14, 2018

Meditate on this today--

I am pure consciousness.

I is consciousness, and because consciousness is one, infinite, and omnipresent, I am one, infinite, and omnipresent.The infinity of my consciousness is not the personal sense of life I have believed, but is God, the one,  the only, the infinite, and the omnipresent good.

Because God is eternally embodied, God is my body; therefore my body is consciousness—the incorporeality, infinity and omnipresence of consciousness; and because my body is consciousness not matter, it is and has nothing physical, finite or local about it. It is and has omnipresence and infinity. It is not an object; it is never objectified—it is incorporeal, spiritual and true, therefore has only the character and quality of incorporeality, spirit and truth.


From Chapter 10, Go To Where God Is, Part Two,
Healing of the Body page 113

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Paul F. Gorman

September 27, 2017
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