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November 26, 2018

God is consciousness; therefore all is consciousness. I am that.

I am and my body is consciousness, and because consciousness is oneness and omnipresence my body has no physical shape, form, size or weight, no physical organ or function, no age. All that consciousness is, I and my body are. To experience my true body I must ignore what it seems to be and what it seems to need, and experience consciousness—the silence, peace, and light of consciousness.

When I live by and am satisfied with the tangible experience of consciousness it quickly becomes evident as the tangible experience of the healthy, vital, and strong “physical” body.

From Chapter 10, Go To Where God Is, Part Two,
Healing of the Body page 122

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Healing of the Body
Paul F. Gorman

September 27, 2017
284 pages, Paperback

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