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November 29, 2018

I am, my body is, and my entire world and all it constitutes is pure, unadulterated consciousness—pure spirit and truth, infinity and omnipresence.
    Every cell of me is omnipresent God, brimming with the light of life itself. Life is not matter, but spirit, and it is my awareness of this truth that evidences it.

When I am aware of life as it truly is, I realize that I am the light of the world; I am the light of every cell of the body, every cell of the world, and every cell of every person in the world.

I realize that every cell is not physical, is not flesh, but the light of spirit itself. My body—my consciousness and all I am conscious of—is the temple of the living God.

Ah, how I can let go and rest in this wondrous truth, effortlessly, silently, receptively, and simply bear witness to the presence and activity of the temple of God—the I am that I am—being the fullness of its glory, its purpose, its radiant presence on earth.

From Chapter 10, Go To Where God Is, Part Two,
Healing of the Body page 123

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