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December 6, 2018

Only God is. Nothing whatsoever but God exists. God is consciousness; God is spirit and truth; God is incorporeal, infinite, omnipresent, eternal.

The infinity of God or consciousness means that matter, corporeality, finiteness, locality, temporality are not realities, but are merely our objective sense of existence. Once we know this truth, we have discovered the Golden Key. We cease from attempting to manipulate or improve the objects of sense in themselves, and turn to the one reality that all is—God or consciousness itself. There we find eternal and immediately discernible health, harmony, and wholeness of all that exists.

As we abide in oneness with it, and let it shine through our objective sense, we see clearly. Harmony becomes evident where, before, disharmony appeared to exist.

From Chapter 11, What Is Consciousness?
Healing of the Body page 126

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September 27, 2017
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