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December 9, 2017

Everything that constitutes “you” and “me,” which includes everything of universal experience, is consciousness, oneness, God, not what it seems to be.

The experience of mind, body and world are simply an objective sense of consciousness.

The objective sense forms an appearance of multiplicity, of separate and different people, animals, substances, forms, weights, colors, amounts, categories, natures, characters, qualities and conditions.

These appearances are good and true in truth. It is only if or when we believe appearance to be real in itself that our experience falls foul of that belief.

There is no “he, she or it” different or separate from God. There is no form, thing, activity, amount, condition or place different or separate from God.

All is God, oneness, the only true existence.

All being is consciousness, all body is consciousness; all substance, material, shape, weight, activity, amount and condition is consciousness; all presence, life, nature and character is consciousness within and without.

"I [consciousness and all it constitutes] am the Lord, and besides me there is none else.”

From Healing of the Body page 31


Healing of the Body
by Paul F. Gorman

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September 27, 2017
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