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December 9, 2018

God is one; therefore God is the one life, the one existence. There is not God “and” human life, physical life, world life. God does not “issue” or “give” or “supply” life. God is not a father-mother existence who “creates” or “gives birth to” a literal son and daughter. God, which is eternity, does not produce a temporal being in a temporal body and world. These are terms found in the ancient scriptures in the attempt to explain truth.

With reverent spiritual discernment the ancient language of scripture must be understood and brought into the light of the Christ-Buddha consciousness.

God is consciousness, the I of being, and besides that I there is no other existence; God itself is the one life, one mind, one body, one world, one law.

From Chapter 11, What Is Consciousness?
Healing of the Body page 126

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