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December 10, 2018

Life and the forms and functions of life are one and the same existence, same substance, same presence. All life, form and function are God—infinite, incorporeal, omnipresent and eternal. Mind, body, thing, and condition are infinite, incorporeal, omnipresent and eternal.

If we are not careful we miss this great truth. We gloss over it because as truth students we have read these words so many times. There is a reason we have read them so many times. They are the truth that makes us free.

Your mind, your body, your world and everything it constitutes is infinity, incorporeality, omnipresence, eternity. Is, is, is. Therefore, mind, body, and world never varies, depletes, suffers or dies. Only our beliefs and concepts vary, deplete, suffer, and die.

From Chapter 11, What Is Consciousness?
Healing of the Body page 127

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