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December 13, 2018

God is incapable of becoming unGodlike, a presence, substance, form, or activity separate or different from the fullness of God itself.

Infinity is incapable of being finite; omnipresence is incapable of being circumscribed. What power would cause such limit and disharmony when God itself is the one power?

It must be remembered that God is principle, the universal principle of good, of love, of harmony. The omnipresence of God is the only operating power of the universe, and that one power is your (impersonal) I, is your body, is your every organ and function, is your world and everything in it.

Anything you witness that is out of God-order is belief about God which causes false sense—false pictures looking real. We must know this, and stop believing the false pictures of life. “Judge not by the appearance.”

From Chapter 11, What Is Consciousness?
Healing of the Body page 128

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