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Keep strong in Spirit. Never give up. Never allow physical or material experience to overwhelm you, dismay or discourage you. Vehemently stay in spiritual awareness and spiritual experience, and then one of these hours or days or weeks soon the material sense (collective consciousness) breaks to reveal the fullness and glory of Truth in every fulfilling way, category and amount. Then you are free.


The mind regularly finds itself pulled into a state of depression or sadness or fear based on the senses of physical or material appearance. As soon as one finds this beginning to happen, the antidote is to quickly turn within and seek "the Comforter" - the very real presence of Truth and Love happening as You deep within. This Truth and Love is fully embodied as your All-Good but we have to "be one" with It, as It, to experience the joy and fulfillment of our truthful being in what we term our tangible life. Turn within, rest, and be comforted.


It is only as we live and move and have our being in God, Spirit, Truth - as we feel the Presence of Spirit happening by our continual turning within, in silence and receptivity - that we are comforted and soothed from the sense of depression or sadness or fear, and then able to witness Truth - "the Comforter" - tangibly felt happening within, then tangibly experienced as what we name our physical and material good, plenty and freedom of being.


Lack of any nature is like a teabag "outside" of its cup of water observing a lack of color, flavor and fragrance, and suffering because of that lack. Until the tea infuses the water with its substance there is no evidence throughout the water. In this way, it is as individual consciousness is infused with, and as, God Consciousness - God, Spirit, Truth felt happening within in the silence and receptivity of the "human" sense of being - that it observes the infallible and omnipresent Good that is God as, and throughout, its conscious experience, appearing as all physical and material health, wealth, love, happiness and freedom.


What do we want more: a healthy physical body, or God Itself?; an abundance of dollars, or God Itself?; a loving relationship, or God Itself?; a peaceful, fair, sharing world, or God Itself? With the physical or material good we get it only, and it is temporal. It will last only "for a season" before it fails us again. With God we get All-Inclusive Good which, once attained, never leaves us; never let's us down in any of experience. "Seek Me and you will find Me (everlasting Good and Plenty in all of experience)..." but we have to: "Seek Me with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength," which means we use our consciousness from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn to keep alive the awareness of the presence of Spirit, Truth, Omnipresence of the Whole right here, now, as the entirety of individual being and individual experience. It is hard, I know, but very soon, as we keep on knowing and feeling Spirit happening as our very Being, the Light of Truth breaks through, and our good in every way, form and amount is visible and tangible before our eyes, unconditional and unbounded.

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