Basking Ridge Spiritual Healing Retreat Audios

+ Snowdonia Spiritual Prosperity Retreat Audios

Last month's two retreats have witnessed the highest, purest and most illumined group consciousness the Miracle Self has ever experienced.

The message and secret of spiritual healing, and prosperity these audios contain are individual and world changing. No one who SERIOUSLY takes these messages in, and joins the meditations we included on the recordings, can fail to evidence their world of tangible good health, wealth, love, and true fulfilling purpose here and now.


To help make it more affordable to many more people, we are making each set available at HALF PRICE... and more than half price if you wish to get BOTH.

Retreat Set One: 3 Day Basking Ridge "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Healing" 14 AUDIOS

QUICK DETAILS: The group that gathered at Basking Ridge 5-6-7th November were the highest group consciousness I have ever experienced.

Within the first HOUR of the retreat we had lifted to a height of spiritual illumination that left words pointless. As the retreat progressed the "science and practice" of spiritual healing was given to us with a clarity and "simplicity" that NO ONE was left confused about the secret of pure, spiritual healing (correctly termed "revealing" of perfect harmony of body, affairs and world).

You'll hear Truth revelations - visions of peace and harmony revealed worldwide - that you become a part of (the consciousness of).

Many "healing" meditations included. The audios have been left AS THEY HAPPENED so that you can experience the retreat and healing message as the live participants did.

The set has 14 audios. Normal download price is $168 - SPECIAL OFFER PRICE $84 (save $84).

Retreat Set 2: The Snowdonia "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Prosperity" 17 AUDIOS

QUICK DETAILS: In listening to these audios while they were being edited, I am stunned at the clarity of message regarding spiritual prosperity and HOW It is evidenced as what we call tangible money and all other prosperous form.

For instance, Day 2 Session 1 is the most encouraging and clearest revelation of true spiritual identity and its fruits that I have ever heard.

Then Day 2 Session 3 is the clearest message I've heard regarding the non-power of the mind and how it is decommissioned to reveal a harmonious world.

I could go on but in short, this message - right on the back of the extraordinarily high consciousness achieved at Basking Ridge - has resulted in a clarity and "how to" that CHANGES over 200 years of metaphysical message into one which ANY dedicated spiritual student can now understand, and BE, to witness INFALLIBLE HARMONY in daily activity, bodily health, successful work or business, wealth of activity, affairs and bank account, plus family, community, country and world love and peace.

The set has 17 audios. Normal download price is $204 - SPECIAL OFFER PRICE $102.

Or, If You Want BOTH Retreat Sets Save Even More...

Working with either retreat set will lift your spiritual awareness by a giant leap (as long as you really WORK with the message day by day).

But I would love to know you have, and are benefiting from, BOTH sets.

The reason is this: never has the Miracle Self message reached THIS HIGH level of clarity and simplicity than in these two amazing retreats.

To help you justify getting both (especially with Christmas around the corner), we have reduced the price further:

The 2 sets at half price each total $186. BUT IF YOU WANT BOTH SETS YOU CAN HAVE THEM FOR TOTAL $149 (a total saving of $223)

NOTE: Special offer ends midnight GMT, 18th December 2010.

Listen To (or download) 2 Free Audios From The Retreats:

FREE Basking Ridge Retreat Audio: Day 1 Session 1

FREE Snowdonia Retreat Audio: Day 2 Session 1

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TWO Retreat Sets SPECIAL OFFER - $149 (SAVE $223)

Basking Ridge "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Healing" 14 Audios ONLY - $84 (save $84)

Snowdonia "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Prosperity" 17 Audios ONLY - $102 (save $102)

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