The Spiritual Principle of Forgiveness

by Victoria

Before we start, know this: What I'm writing is what you already know. It is truly already what you are. I am just here to remind you of Yourselves. This is your voice.

Forgiveness dissolves the prison, and frees all of the prisoners. It's time for us to let EVERYONE go free. There is only the One, which is I. Love thy neighbor, who is I.

God doesn't need Freedom. Our personal sense is the inmate.

I am just sharing the forgiveness meditation method that has allowed me to be free, thus allowing Truth to raise my children.

And as you feel a knowingness about what you read here, it is that same knowingness our children are cognizant of and feel the righteousness of.

So let us BE IT together, as One.


When you meet a situation that appears as if you've been there before - similar circumstances, similar feelings, perhaps, similar fear DEFINITELY - then forgiveness is indicated. It is a repeating pattern and THAT implies an old fear resurfacing.

So let's face the fear. Let's name it. What are you afraid of? Is it person, thing, condition, place or circumstance that you are either afraid of losing or not getting?

The fear is about not getting what you want or losing something you have. The hardest thing is to connect the dots that being uncomfortable may indicate fear - and then to really look closely to identify that fear.

What is the fear about?

Let me explain. Collective consciousness IS the consciousness of separation and therefore fear. When we are children we don't know that. So the experiences we have then leave us with unresolved fears or old misunderstandings. We do not have the ability to reason with them, so we just stock-piled them; bury them.

How does one cope when one is very young? The greatest technique is denial. But anything buried alive LIVES WITHIN INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS.


Begin to realize that ANYTHING FEARED is a sense of personal self - a sense of being separate from Truth, God, Good.

Identify and surrender the fear. Ask, "Is this fear specific to this situation? Or have I felt it before?" If it is familiar the chances are that it came from the past.

The beauty of this exercise of identifying fear is to make me understand people - which in turn enables me to fulfill the second commandment of Jesus, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

I believe people are either motivated by love or fear. I understand both and have great compassion for those who’s fear is still running them.

And I can tell by my OWN response. If my response to something is compassion then I am in Love; if it is intolerance then I still have fear.

Triggered fears, in my experience, ALL boil down to mother or father. I know I am triggered when I'm in "fight or flight" response. Now, in Truth, pure Spirit, we recognize that all fear is nothing more than karmic unfoldment, revealing itself at this moment. But in the tangibility - SENSE - of this moment, fear is a metaphysical experience - i.e. an experience that seems to have a 'him, her or it' as its cause and antagonist.

The experience of fear being triggered by a 'him, her or it' is nothing but the personal sense of self; it's the flypaper of the personal sense. You can prove this in a second: what makes ME afraid may not make YOU afraid.

Because personal-sense consciousness is COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS there are some fears we are likely to have in common come-what-may, and others we don't.

Hence it is MY PERSONAL SENSE I am getting free of by identifying my fears and either surrendering them or starting a forgiveness meditation cycle - depending whether the fear is triggered or pervasive (see previous articles).

The most difficult part is identifying FEAR as that which is causing anger, impatience, agitation, resentment, inflexibility, intolerance, and so on. All these emotions are indicators of fear living within consciousness - which, always remember, are COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS fears, not 'yours'. Nevertheless, you EXPERIENCE the sense of fear individually as fear lives in consciousness.

Forgiveness I have found is the greatest of all methods to freedom - which, remember, is a freeing, or dissolving, of the personal sense FOR the freedom of Spirit.

Let's now get to it: Mother or Father - which is it? Let's say it like this: one or the other is the 'original pain-giver'. So now it is necessary to identify which one is the giver of the pain that has surfaced as your particular fear.


I was taught a 14 day forgiveness meditation. It goes something like this:

I put the persons (mother or father) visage in my mind's eye. I wrap white light around their face and put them in my heart. In that moment I ask God to help me forgive them with my heart and not with my head. And I let it go.

NOTE: I know there are 3 in that example: me, God and them. Then there's a heart, and a mind's eye. Today I know there's only One. 25 years ago I was looking for relief and freedom. I've ALWAYS sought freedom. Conversely and more accurately, I've always felt imprisoned. I always wondered how something outside of me had power over me?

Today I'm aware the collective is happening, kind of like a lazy Susan spinning in front of me, and I take the dishes I like. Well in the case of the collective, it's my flypaper that makes things personal. Breathing life into the personal sense. If my personal sense is alive I am separated and afraid.

Nevertheless, I do the above meditation every day for 14 days. Each meditation takes just a moment. Even if I've only remembered to do it 6 or 7 days out of the 14, I'm still done at fourteen. So when I start the cycle - let's say it's the 4th of the month - I'm done on the 18th no matter how many times I've remembered to do it.

I am forgiving the person for the circumstances that embedded the fear. I carry on forgiving them that same specific circumstance for the complete fourteen day cycle. Miraculously the fear around that circumstance never returns. Never. The forgiveness cycle completely dissolves it.

For instance, I had a friend who was consistently late. It started to really irk me. When I'm irked I know it is something from the past. So I had to take a look at my fear around lateness.

I discovered that it was a fear of being dishonored, that my time wasn't respected. The point being, even if I became willing to be stood up by this person I couldn't let go of the anger - I couldn't get to a place of tolerance.

So I had to look at what was still living from the past. This was an easy one because my mother used to make me wait for her after school as time after time she forgot to pick me up. I would sit waiting for hours. So I realized my feeling of being irked by my friend being late was a TRIGGERED fear.

That indicated a forgiveness meditation cycle for my mother, forgiving her for not showing up for me. And honestly I had totally forgotten about it by the time I could drive a car myself! But obviously it was still lodged in my consciousness. It took my sweet friend to be the messenger for my healing.

I started the fourteen day forgiveness meditation for my mother. After it, the fear around not only my friend's chronic tardiness but EVERYONE who may be tardy, or not show up at all, is dissolved. I now am able to go to compassion around ANYBODY'S chronic tardiness because it becomes about THEM not me. I feel compassion for them because I now know that THEY were kept waiting as a child. To avoid the feeling of being kept waiting themselves they arrive late.


After the fourteen day forgiveness cycle I rest.

Then - invariably - another dynamic would occur in my life to 'remind' me of another old fear. That's when I start another 14 day cycle - and so on. Sometimes it is three weeks between each cycle, sometimes three months or eight months. Forgiveness has its own rhythm. In other words, if an old dynamic comes up it is time for another forgiveness cycle. You are not 'working' this, it works you.

By the way, my parents were still alive when I started this. By the time they passed on - both within the last 5 years - I had done about 45 for my dad and close to 40 for my mother. It was amazing to sit at my mother's 70th birthday party and see my father in a completely different way. This was a direct result of all the forgiveness work I'd done.

I never expected anything outside of me to change. It was me that became free of resentment. Yet suddenly I was seeing my Father in a completely different light, which was a miracle. His behavior never changed but what happened was that I saw him through a clearer lens of truth.

Essentially my forgiveness meditations cleaned or cleared the lens of collective fogginess to reveal a greater awareness of the truth of my father. It also freed up Universal Love experienced through me for my father.

When Jesus said forgive 70 x 7, he wasn’t kidding! I, at first, thought that this was excessive! But I quickly discovered it is because it took 'never-ending; until complete (70 x 7)' forgiving until the freedom was experienced. And who knew I had 45 or 85 different infractions to forgive. Certainly not me.


And the freedom I am REALLY referring to is having peace in the pause with my children. You don't believe one has anything to do with anything or anyone else and yet IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING.

So within my parents' lifetime, their beautiful truth was revealed. All the shackles that bound me were dissolved.

I attribute these meditations to my being rendered neutral and virtually non-reactive to my children and their growing pains AND victories. I see them from behind the veil, not the material side of it.

I want you to know that in many other areas of my life I have not achieved the same living from the truthful side of the veil - there is always more awareness to be had. I can only surmise that all this forgiveness meditation is the reason I AM ABLE TO live truthfully when it comes to my children AND your children - all children.

I ONLY see Oneness, Wholeness, Completeness in all children - any child I happen to see anywhere. I see right through to their truth. Children can do no wrong in my mind.