Give Without Strings to Your Children

QUESTION: Should I confront my child, now in her twenties, with what I consider a boundary issue - her seemingly taking advantage of what I give her and do for her? Or should I let it go? I always try to do the right thing spiritually - please advise.


Thank you for reaching out (in love). I really feel how much you want to do what's best. Honoring yourself AND being there for your children.

I learned about 8 years ago that I used to "give with strings" to my children. I had a "payoff" in mind for them for being such a giving mother.

I didn't know when I expected the payoff or what it should look like, but I EXPECTED it nonetheless. IT (that expectation) tore me up MORE than the children's behavior.

I knew to drop it then and there. I ONLY gave when it was with no strings, for NOTHING in return, just for the sake of giving - which I love doing anyway.

It was a real surprise to me, genuinely, when my children started to openly appreciate me. When I removed my expectation, their truth flourished.

Then I discovered giving is UNIVERSAL, it's an expression or quality of Spirit. It's not mine (personal sense). It's not for me. It's Truth. My consciousness then "re-aligns" with Truth (with what IS), and just realizing that, I know it's infinite, so if I give today, it doesn't mean I'm all out of giving for the week.

So your beautiful daughter has given you a gift, a gift of freedom, and it only cost a little clean up.

I hope this has been helpful.

Holding your sweet family in love,