Healing Of The Body

Advanced 7 Weeks Written Class For
Practitioners and "Serious" Students

Dear Student,

I invite you to take the new Healing Of The Body, 7 Weeks Written Course with weekly lessons each week, which you can take for a donation of your choice.

You start instantly upon registering with a pre-course, 8-page
guided meditation
-- "Rest, Be Still, Begin To Actually Feel The
Truthful Body" -- which you receive and can download as a pdf
("instantly" meaning within 5 or 10 minutes of registering).

Then the first of the weekly lessons start 2 days after registering (and after you have spent two days preparing consciousness with the guided meditation), then each week thereafter for seven weeks.

Each of the lessons is drawn from our definitive work on healing -- the live Healing Of The Body class series. Each has been meticulously and lovingly drawn from the live classes, providing you with an extraordinary clarity and new understanding that lifts you into a greater living truth awareness.

These lessons are certainly a revelation in spiritual awareness and awakening.  

This is why we have created a written course from these classes. They have lifted more students into a living, practical consciousness of truth about body than I've witnessed in 5 years.

There are a good many reasons for this but I think the greatest is the singular clarity we are receiving about body.

From the first lesson you discover the truth of spiritual body, what the "physical" body is and what it is not, the reason it can experience illness, disease, injury, why it can suffer or be painful, and how the body experience is lifted out of discord into its truthful harmony, wholeness and freedom of expression.

Each subsequent weekly lesson explains the unwitting misunderstanding truth students have carried with them even for the past 250 years about what body truly means, and is.

It must always be realized that the minute body is truthfully understood, healing and vitality is infallible. Realization and body are one, not two. Realization does not "produce" or "cause" the healing of body. Realization IS the whole and healthy (healed) body.

I am overjoyed to share this substantial clarity with you now in the new 7-week written course.


* What the "physical" body is, and what it is not.
* Understanding organs and functions of the physical body and what
they truly are.
* Why the physical body is borne, grows, matures, peaks then begins
a process of decline and decrepitude until it dies, and why the
True body does not.
* Understanding illness, disease and injury.
* How to deal with and lift out of pain at any moment.
* How to find your true body, know it, and how to live with it.
* How to experience the true and invariable vitality of body.
* The body's true purpose.
* The difference between what appears to be the reason, activity
and purpose of the "physical" body, and that of the True body.
* Living spiritually in a "physical" body.
* Lifting out of the parenthesis of birth and death.
* Consciously at one with the true body.
* Conscious eternal body.
* The step by step process of self-healing of illness and disease
(you receive thorough, clear instruction).

There is much more but this gives you an idea of the depth of the course.


Our work at the Miracle Self and Silent Sanctuary is primarily
upheld by donations and so we are truly grateful for your Healing
Of The Body course donation.

Register for "Healing Of The Body 7 Week Course" for a donation of your choice

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NOTE: if for some reason the page does not open for you, simply email oofice@miracleself .com as we will fix it for you easily and quickly!

Alternatively, you can MAIL your donation to: Giving Self Inc, 2110
Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 (please make check payable to
"Giving Self Inc" and include a simple note that it is for "HOTB 7
Week Course").

Thank you. I very much look forward to sharing each of these course
lessons with you.

Love and much gratitude,

A few have asked what I meant by this 7 Weeks "Healing Of The Body" course being "written". It means that you receive a series of text lessons, each about 10-20 pages of text online and as a pdf that you can download and print.

The first lesson is 21 pages and explains the revelation of truthful (spiritual) body, why truth students have been unable to heal themselves and others -- even with the profound truth teachings the world has been given by Christian Science and the Infinite Way (which both HAVE given the world the truth of body) -- and how to now lift individual awareness into the living truth of CONSCIOUSNESS BEING BODY.

The whole series of lessons is a profound message. For some reason, the explanation we are receiving as each lesson makes understanding the truth of body, and therefore the Way of spiritual healing, clearer and easier to understand than I've ever seen it.

I hope this helps explain a little better what you receive!