The new Miracle Self book based on Paul F. Gorman's definitive class series on healing: Healing of The Body, The Science and Reality of Spiritual Healing

Healing of The Body: The Science and Reality of Spiritual Healing

Paperback, published December 10, 2013

by Paul F. Gorman

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Chapter 1
Consciousness Is Body

(page 7)

What “Healing” Is
The Physical Body Sense
Only God Is
Only God Is, Only Oneness Is
What Is God?
One Body
The Mind “Divides” One Into “Many”
Keep Awareness Lifted Into Oneness
I Am Consciousness
Body Is Consciousness, Therefore Non-Local
I Am Consciousness
All Is One
Oneness Cannot “Argue” With Itself
Lift Awareness Above the Personal Sense
Why Healing Fails
The Entirety of Consciousness Is Your Body
Illumine Consciousness
Realize The Truth of Oneness
Only Consciousness Is
No Birth, No Death
What Healing Is
God Is Self-Maintained
Consciousness Is Body
You Are Filled With The Fullness of God
Forget All Concepts

Chapter 2
Rise In Consciousness

(page 38)

Living Your True Purpose
Do Not “Separate Yourself” From Truth
Why Is Truth “Not Working”?
God Is the Only
God Is Omnipresence
God Is Consciousness
God Is
Infinity Is Incapable of Being Finite
That Which Is Cannot Be Anything “Different”
God Is One
God Does Not “Give” Nor “Withhold”
The Omnipresence of Oneness
The One Body of Consciousness
A Disclaimer
The Way of Awareness
When You Are Ready
Consciousness Is Fully Manifest
Rise In Consciousness
Stay In The Consciousness of Oneness
A New Consciousness

Chapter 3
Go To Where God Is
(page 62)

One Way Alone To Truth
The Miracles Of Truth
Make Sure You Hear This!
Just A Grain
Where God Is
Truth Cannot “Come Down” To Harmonize Finiteness
The Entire Secret
The Cone Of Consciousness
Elevate Conscious Awareness
Understand This And Witness Miracles
With a Rested Mind, Rise in Consciousness
Rise in Conscious Awareness
I Am The Body
Nothing Can Be Added To You
You Are Consciousness. Consciousness Is What You Have
Consciousness Is Your Truth
Rise Into Pure Consciousness
The Consciousness Of Love
My Consciousness is My Body
Drop The Sense Of Locality!
Safety And Protection In The Center Of Consciousness
The Beginning of The Ability To Heal
You Are Always Invited to Reach Up for Help
How to Heal
The Way Of Healing
Every Minute You Devote To Truth Awareness Bears The Fruits Of Health

Chapter 4
What Is Consciousness?
(page 90)

God Does Not Change
Truth Is Incomparable
Everything Everywhere Is God
Complete And Spontaneous Freedom Of Being
Feel the Presence of You
Body Is Pure Consciousness
The Infinite Ocean of Oneness
Awaken To Truth
Consciousness Is The Only
Free in Truth
Fill Your Mind With Truth
The Light Of Truth Dissolves All Shadows
Truthful Experience Lives As You
Rising In Consciousness Fills Senses With Truth
The Truth Of Appearance
The Straight And Narrow Way

Chapter 5
Abide In Me
(page 113)

Does Not Consciousness Call Us To It?
There Is None Else
Revisit These Pages
The Earth Is The Fullness Of God
Understand God As Consciousness
There Is None But God
Look Beyond Your Sense Of Body
All Is Consciousness
Truth Alone Does Not Make You Free; Truth Must Be Known
“Know the truth, and that very truth will make you free.”
God Is Life
God Is Love
If God Is Love And God Is Infinite, God Cannot “Also” Be Cruel
God Is Joy
The First Question
God Is Indivisible
When You “Have God” You Have The Whole
The Authority Is In Every Scripture
Scriptural Authority for the Need to Rise in Consciousness
Disease is a Lack of Truth Alive in Consciousness
God Is Everything Everywhere
Psalm 91
Every Degree Of Truth Awareness “Achieved” Evidences Itself As Good And Harmony
Psalm 1
The False Experience of “Good” and “Bad”
Conscious Awareness
Psalm 23
Spirit Does Not Need To Demonstrate Anything
Seeking Nothing But God For God
Is This Clear Now?

Chapter 6
A Strong Understanding Of Truth
(page 150)

Only God Is
God Is Consciousness And None Else
Infinity Can Only Be Infinite
No “Withinness”
Only The Incorporeal Is
You Are Whole
“I And The Father Are One”
Mind Does Not Change God
God Is The Only Power
Consciousness Is Experience
The Key
The Body is Life Eternal
Infinity Omnipresent, Not Local
Healing is Lifted Experience
Marconi’s Discovery

Chapter 7
Nothing “Local” Can Be Healed
(page 167)

Blood Of Your Blood
Nothing “Local” Can Be Healed
Truth Is Omnipresent
Any Unsustaining Healing is Mentally Achieved Not Spiritual
Use The Experience Of Healing As a Lift Of Consciousness
Healing From a Practitioner
“Local” Truth is Utterly Impossible
Truth Cannot Be Made Local
The Folly Of “Personal” Truth
Hear This Once And For All
Why Even Good People Suffer
Only Omnipresence Is
Why Spiritual Students Still Suffer
Truth Lives Individual Life
Omnipresence Is Fully Present As Itself
Please Hear This!
No Lack, Limitation, Delay
The Realization of Omnipresence Equally Present Everywhere At The Same Time
Keep Your Window Of Truth Open
God Is
Lift Into Omnipresence
Lift Into The Consciousness Of Omnipresence
Seek Infinity
Now Rest
The Words Of The Master
“Man is God on Earth”

Chapter 8
The Living Light
(page 194)

Only Incorporeality Exists
The Five-Sense Mind Experience
Oneness Only
The “Child” of God
Truthful Consciousness
Disease and Discord is Unreal in and of Its Own Self
God “and” is The False Sense
God is Light
The Unreality of Disease and Discord
How To Heal The Body
The Perfect Body of Truth
The Solution
The God Principle
The Body
“Just Light and Peace”
Ignore Appearance
Judge by Truth Alone
Truth is Indivisible and Inseparable
Lift Consciousness
The One Effort Required
In Reality
Never Look For Anything Corporeal


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