Silent Sanctuary is unconditionally free for you to reach out to, to receive immediate spiritual help for yourself or another.

Silent Sanctuary

Come, rest here.

Rest from fear and concern, rest from burden, rest from the discord or disharmony that seems to be.

Receive your healing of health, wealth, home, relationship, safety and security by resting Here in the peace and wholeness of the deep Silence daily maintained in the Silent Sanctuary.

Silent Sanctuary is the consciousness of divine harmony and wholeness of all being and condition, activity and form, amount and circumstance - the Life, Harmony, Peace, Security, Safety, Protection, Abundance, Fulfillment and Freedom of God, Spirit, the Infinity of Truthful Being individually expressing as You and your every experience.

The Silence of your Truth is maintained for you Here to rest and relax in, to freely witness your every Good becoming tangible and visible, here and now, without condition.

Freely receive

When any aspect of your life requires healing (the revealing of Truthful mind, body, finances, relationship, family, home, safety, security, right activity or opportunity, rightful place, fulfilling purpose, peaceful and harmonious environment) you may "reach out" to the Silent Sanctuary and freely receive your truth, tangibly and visibly, here and now.

Silent Sanctuary is daily maintained, 365 days a year. At any time day or night you have only to reach out to It by gently turning your mind to It for just a moment, then resting and relaxing, knowing that the very turning to Truth within, and resting There, makes of your consciousness an opening, clearing the fog of "human" sense to reveal Truthful experience.

In your rest and relaxation from the "outer" apparent condition and concern, your consciousness is open to receive Truth, fully embodied and tangible to your here and now experience.

As you stay gently rested and open, knowing that your healing - your truth - is being evidenced for you by Silent Sanctuary, you will quickly feel the warmth and release of Peace gently permeating your being, and you will know that All is well.

All is done, your Wholeness is being witnessed, the moment you feel the Peace welling up within.

Then, within the hour, or a few hours, or a few days, you will see your Wholeness evident as the "outer healing" (wholeness and harmony) of mind, body or condition.

Whatever it was that was troubling you, or whomever in your life was experiencing discord, illness, disease, lack or limitation, is now Whole and Harmonious.

Request Silent Sanctuary help

Simply write your name - or the name of the person for whom you would like spiritual help - in the box below, then send it.

You may send as many requests as you need to - there is no limit.

As soon as you reach out your request is received. You are instantaneously embraced and bathed in the Light, Wholeness and Harmony of Truth. You will receive a live email response.

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