Welcome - Thank You For Joining The "Infinity Of Being" 52 Week Series

Thank you - and welcome!

You can now choose to donate towards the series, or not - it is completely up to you!

These 52 "Infinity Of Being" classes are fully available to all either way.

If you DO wish to donate you can do so here. Thank you:

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IOB download page

Here is the IOB download page (KEEP IT HANDY -bookmark it - because this is the page from which you download all 52 audios as the series continues.

If you have any difficulty at any time (everything should go smoothly for you, but just in case) please email IOB@miracleself.com and we will manually email the page/audio for you.

IOB audio download page

I am delighted you've joined this "advanced" Infinity Of Being" series. One important thing to realize before we start: do not make the mistake of listening to each class "just as a class".

Realize that what is being revealed in each session is the TRUTH OF YOUR BEING, ALL BEING, HERE AND NOW.

It isn't "theory" or "nice, motivating truth". It is REAL and TANGIBLE, the most PRACTICAL of all ways to actually EXPERIENCE the spiritual unbounded Good that IS YOUR BEING, YOUR TRUTH, YOUR ACTUALITY HERE AND NOW.

Only by REALIZING and then BEING the infinity of Truth (which is not an activity of "you" or "me" but of TRUTH ITSELF happening as your and my silent receptivity) can you actually experience unfaltering health and "healing", unconditional love and relationship, unbounded wealth and success, peace and harmony in the world, AND truthful, fulfilling purpose of being.

Please "work" with each class. Listen to it a number of times. Make notes. Then have periods of silence each day to let the Truth take firm root, and blossom as your tangible, visible experience in all ways.

Thank you so much! This is a beautiful group consciousness. I look forward to the first class this Friday at 7pm PST.

There will be deep peace for all as the class is listened to "live" by the group.