IOB Group Meditation 8-3-12

We are having a group IOB silent meditation this evening (no audio), 7pm PDT.

As many of us as can, between 7 - 8pm PDT, ponder the great truth that Spirit, God, Consciousness does not 'give' nor 'withhold.

Consciousness IS.

In the same way that gravity IS, therefore does not nor cannot 'give' or 'withhold', so Consciousness IS and does not, nor cannot 'give' or 'withhold'.

Consciousness IS, NOW. 'IS' and 'NOW' are the same. Do you see that? 'IS' cannot be anything but 'NOW' and 'NOW' cannot be anything but 'IS'.

All of the infinite Good IS ALREADY, here, now, and because Consciousness is indivisible and omnipresent, All Good is fully embodied in and as your consciousness here, now.

Whatever Good you have been wishing for, or needing, either for yourself or another or the world - no matter what it is - realize that that very Good ALREADY IS FULLY ESTABLISHED, MANIFEST AND COMPLETE in and as Consciousness, therefore in and as your individual consciousness, here, now.

Gently, joyously and confidently ponder this truth throughout the hour and as you feel a relaxation and peace begin to well-up within, be silent. Simply LET the Peace within - the Truth of You felt 'happening' within - BE the being you are.

Then, after 10 or 20 or 30 seconds when thoughts start entering, ponder the truth of Consciousness again. Carry on in this way throughout the hour - integrating pondering truth with short periods of silence as soon as you feel any kind of inner 'welling-up' or 'sense' of relaxation or peace or warmth or light or spaciousness or freedom.

In this way you individually, and the group as a whole, are lifting awareness, filling mind with truth and witnessing Truth as the feeling of Good happening within, thereby opening consciousness for the miracle of Truth to be tangibly evident.

This group meditation - interlaced with silence - reveals the mighty power of Truth, omnipresent individually throughout the group, and flowing far beyond into and as the world, blessing and freeing so many.

During or after the hour do not be surprised that your Good is witnessed.

I Am with you tonight, and always.

Thank you for being the beautiful individual and group consciousness you are.

Many blessings,