I Won't Be Disappointed

A poem by Victoria

I won't be disappointed because only God Is.

I won't be disappointed if you join the circus,

I won't be disappointed if you join a cult,

I won't be disappointed if you drop out,

Because only God Is.

I won't tell you this but I will ONLY know this,

Every time I see your face,

Every time I say your name,

I will Only know this,

Only God Is.

I won't be disappointed if you do anything that I would not do,

I won't be disappointed if you like the things I do not like,

Do not understand, have never done, because only God Is.

I will know that God expresses Itself as you and I will be there as witness only, praising God.

I won't tell you this,

But I will ALWAYS know this so that I can

Release God as the ONLY, as you.

If you have an amazing run of good luck,

I will step back unless you ask me to join.

I will be available not involved, unless you ask me to.

I will witness your joy that has NOTHING to do with me,

But I will watch your joy.

If you have an experience that is in the realm of normal,

A broken date or a broken heart,

An A on a test, a C- on a final,

A lost job, a promotion,

I will stand firm and be right there to spiritually reason with you;

To help you to find a place in your psyche for all the things life dishes out.

If you may be in harm's way or there is an element of destruction,

I will step in.

This is your cry for help that you can not ask for.

I might ask you what happened, and then listen.

I might ask you, "Why do you think that happened?"

And then listen.

I will open your mind to possibility,

The unknown; the margin where God Is,

Until you know that only God Is.

I will slowly show you the greater satisfaction of wisdom,

Whereas most settle on understanding.

I will open the door for you.

You may never step through.

I will never be disappointed.

Never. Because ONLY God Is.

I bring God awareness to our us.

You'll never know.

You never need to know.

You are It already;

I'm the only One that needs to know.

Dedicated to all of our children

With Love,