Instructions For Open House Silence

Since we started the four hours of open door silence five days a week at Perry miracles of 'healing', harmony and fulfillment have become tangible for many from wherever they are joining us in the world.

The mighty Power and Presence of Truth being witnessed in and as the silence and receptivity of being which we're maintaining at Perry is evidencing THE ONE POWER and PRESENCE OF TRUTH which nothing of the world sense can block or hinder. Nothing.

Therefore there is no greater 'work', no greater way to witness Truth dissolve all 'human' experience (sense) of lack, limitation, disease and discord individually and globally than BEING THE MAINTAINED ILLUMINATION AND SILENCE OF TRUTH revealing Itself AS ALL.

A number of you have asked questions which, in a nutshell, boil down to this: "How do I make 'the most' of sitting in silence with you? How do I make sure I am being the open and receptive consciousness that reveals the Truth of God as my self, my family, my circumstances, my community, country and world? How do I take 'greatest advantage' of the consciousness being maintained at Perry for myself and the world?"

The answer is: you lift your consciousness into God, Spirit, Truth, then rest peacefully, openly and confidently in the Silence of God Is; Spirit Is; Truth Is that is always 'happening' as you. Remember that this high state of consciousness is being maintained FOR YOU therefore you need make no real effort.

Simply and gently keep your mind on God instead of on you or the problem. Then rest in the lifted consciousness you have risen to, knowing that the Truth of You and World is being witnessed - fully manifest, tangible and visible - by the consciousness maintained at Perry.

The way of lifting and maintaining consciousness is this: keep your mind focused on God - Spirit and Truth - not on 'you, your family, or anything at all of the world'. Contemplate the Being and Things of God, Spirit, Truth not 'human' beings or 'worldly' things.

As you feel the peace of your contemplation of God starting to well up within, become silent. Stop contemplating. Listen instead. Be open and receptive to the fullness of God happening as the fullness of You - the Experience of which is being maintained for you. Therefore let go, be still, become a vacuum of being - like a rag doll or puppet; a 'nothingness'; a state of emptiness yet attentiveness, really attentive to your withinness, your 'secret place' deep within in which God is experienced - felt happening - as a feeling of peace or warmth or heat or a sense of release or light, or maybe as something 'heard' within, or suddenly understood, an Ah hah!, or just a gentle yet beautiful feeling of complete relaxedness, calm, joy or freedom.

The more you can sit with us in IMPERSONAL silence - rather than your mind falling back to thinking about 'you' or 'the problem' - the greater benefit you will experience.


If your situation is too overwhelming or even an emergency so that you can't keep your mind off the problem, leave it ENTIRELY to us.

Sit with us and straight away REST and RELAX. Know that it is being handled completely for you. Know that you are immediately surrounded and imbued by the Love and Omniscience of Truth, and that therefore the problem is instantaneously taken care of for you. It is being dissolved the moment it hits up with My consciousness.

You are also welcome to keep using the 'Healing Silence' link on the site - as many times as you wish to - until the experience of the problem has completely dissolved, to reveal your truthful harmonious condition, tangibly and visibly.


You are welcome to join us personally at Perry (please check the open times on each week's email) or from wherever you are in the world.

It makes no truthful difference whether you sit with us physically or from 10,000 miles away (although it is often true that, in the beginning at least, a person may FEEL and therefore EXPERIENCE a greater sense of truth when in physical proximity with the illumined consciousness of the teacher, but this generally passes as each individual steadily gains a greater individual experience of consciousness fully 'alive' and 'happening' as their own being).

From wherever or however you are joining us know that as soon as you touch (turn to; open yourself to; reach out to) this consciousness you are embraced in and as It.

The more you then gently keep your mind on God, Spirit, Truth, and the more you simply RECEIVE the blissful Wholeness of You as the One consciousness being maintained for you, the more you will experience the rest, recuperation and illumination of individual consciousness - your Whole Truth being revealed.

If you have any questions feel free to email at the 'Contact by Email' link on the site.


Paul and Victoria