Spiritual harmony in all departments of life is achieved by the relinquishing of material belief, desire and reliance, for the absolute dependence on Spirit for all life, all supply, all success, all relationship, all companionship, all love and joy, all fulfillment of being and fulfillment of purpose.

It is the complete letting go of the material belief of life for the complete acceptance of the spiritual existence. This is a spiritual world and universe only. You are spirit only not Spirit and anything. You are incorporeal being only, not incorporeal and corporeal. When true spiritual awareness and reliance is individually achieved miracles of health, abundance, happiness, success and harmony appear right here in the material-sensed life — the corporeal concepts of life created by the mind.

Always remember: The mind is sensing or experiencing concepts of the only real: Spirit. This secret knowledge is key to miracles of harmony, beauty and bounty in all of experience.


My wife at the time recently flew for a visit to California. A cousin was getting married and the trip was a good opportunity for her to catch up with the large family she left on the West Coast. I took two weeks off to be with the children. “All will be fine,” I assured her. “You can take the trip without worrying that the kids will starve, be late for school, have unwashed school uniforms, be un-bathed, and lack intellectual and fun-time stimulation.” If you are a mother you will, I am sure, appreciate her concern!

Actually, behind the scenes in the Gorman house, all was quite well organized and efficient. The three of us got stuck in and enjoyed good home-cooked meals at the dining table, fun and nurturing conversation, efficient school routines, freshly bathed children, laundered uniforms, computer clubs, swimming, walking, trampolining, bicycling, along with a good movie at the weekend.

My wife called a few hours after arriving in California, eager to know how we were getting on without her. She gave me a checklist of things I needed to remember. “It’s okay, I’ve got it organized. Let go!” She laughed. She can’t easily let go of things she normally controls and has so well organized. How many of us can?

The next day we spoke again. “Have you remembered...? Did you do...? Don’t forget to leave early tomorrow for the music lesson...” I laughed. “You haven’t let go! Let go of it all, it’s okay. We’re organized.” Of course, she was checking out of her love for the children and me. I am sure she was worrying she’d forgotten to tell me something (she hadn’t — she’s a perfectionist).

In a similar way, we must let go and let Spirit be the life, activity and success of our experience, in all ways, without our interference.


Spirit is All. Spirit is infinite — infinity itself. There is no Spirit and. Spirit fills all space, is all persons, things, conditions, places. Spirit is self-complete, self-organizing, self-supplying, self-fulfillment. The whole fulfillment of Is is present at every point in the universe at the same time. Whatever is, is Spirit being that isness. Whatever you are looking at or thinking about—or hearing, tasting, touching, smelling — is incorporeal Spirit being experienced by the mind as the corporeal sense of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling or thinking.

Dismiss how the mind interprets life; realize incorporeal Spirit as the Allness-of-all—literally, not metaphorically.

Do not simply read that statement. Stop and really ponder it. Spirit is All. Spiritual perfection of all already exists, is already manifest, already demonstrated, eternally existent. Can you imagine how unstable the universe would be if spiritual perfection relied on the human race to bring it into being! No, Spirit Is, and Spirit is untouched by you or me. Nothing we do or fail to do has the slightest bearing on the spiritual perfection that Is. Your job and mine is to become aware of what already Is. We must take this truth literally, not metaphorically, because it is literally the Truth.


We must let go of the appearance as it is experienced by the mind, either individually or collectively. We must become aware that only Spirit is, therefore perfection is right at that point where the mind is experiencing a disharmony, disease, lack or limitation. Perfection exists at every point.

For us to continue to ‘take thought’ for the ‘problem’ or ‘need’ — and thereby fail to release the material sense of life and its needs — is similar to Joanie failing to release concern for the children and me. I know everything is organized because I’ve thoroughly organized it if not only because I do not want to let the children or Joanie down. I know that Joanie can let go, not be concerned about a thing, and everything will run smoothly. But she worries. She is ‘taking thought’. She is attaching her mind to the situation. By letting go she will relax and enjoy her trip far more.

In spiritual principle ‘taking thought’ has a far more serious consequence. Spiritual good is blocked from our tangible experience when the mind is at play. It leaves us with a sense of finiteness and discord instead of the infinity and all-harmony that we truly are. We are infinity itself, supplied, maintained and sustained out of the One Infinite Spirit individualized here as you and as me and as every person, every thing, every condition and every place but we have to give way to that infinity.

The need is to let go. Of what? Of the mind and the physical activities the mind thinks are necessary. Let go of the activity of the mind and body that tells you you have to ‘do’ something either mentally or physically, or both, to correct a ‘problem’ or bring health or harmony or abundance where the mind is experiencing sickness, disharmony or lack.

The need is not mental or physical activity; the need is to know that—right at the point of seeming sickness, lack, limitation or disharmony — exists the perfection of Spirit being the person or thing or condition the mind sees as needing improvement, acknowledge the presence of incorporeal perfection, and then rest in It.


Let harmony flow into awareness, with a complete trust and reliance in It, nothing else. The harmony you feel welling up within will then shortly become evident in the outer scene. This is the infallible principle or law of spiritual living. Trust it with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength.

As you are ‘waiting’ for the outer evidence — the healing or the harmony — be disciplined in spirit. Do not allow your mind to wander into mental or physical thinking again, or into doubt. Be strong. Be certain of Spirit — the omnipresence of all spiritual good. Continually keep up awareness of Spirit being omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent—the All-in-all incorporeal harmony and bliss, the All-in-all incorporeal organizing power and government, the All-in-all incorporeal good form that appears to the mind as good and perfect corporeal form when realized and acknowledged right at the very place the mind misunderstood and saw sickness or unhappiness or disharmony.

Let go. Take the mind out of the equation. Let Spirit be spirit without your — the mind’s — interference. Live every moment in the awareness and acknowledgment of incorporeal Spirit being present everywhere, as everything. Leave Spirit to manage what is Spirit’s to manage—everything everywhere!

Most important, realize that all is already ‘managed’ — all is already complete, finished, whole. The kingdom is finished perfection whether it’s the kingdom of the body or an organ or function within the body, or the kingdom of relationship or companionship, or of employment or business, supply, success, attainment, joy.

Our ‘work’ is to know this great truth, acknowledge it from morning to night, and night to morning, in and as everything that touches our consciousness, and to frequently rest in the bliss of Silence in order that the Spiritual already-existing-perfection is able to become your awareness and mine. Then we watch the miracles take place.

From The Miracle Self (first edition)
Chapter 19

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