12 Miracle Self
Class Transcripts

-- Series 2 --

The advanced series
(Each transcript is 12-20 pages in length)

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to make the second series of Miracle Self monthly class transcripts available!

You receive one full, unedited and unabridged transcript per month, the first of which you receive within a few minutes of registering.

We have chosen particularly high Class messages for this second series, selected from among the most advanced class and retreat series we have been given over the 10 years since the Miracle Self was born.

As I read them, I am astounded at the clarity and profound way of practicing the presence each one, in their own way, gives us.

These are each among the most important messages of the Miracle Self to study and practice. Once you devote yourself to these 12 messages and begin to consistently live as and by the principles they reveal, you really have all you need to live the spiritually fulfilling life “inside” and “outside”; to live with a healthy (or healed) and vital body (and to be the healing influence for others); and to enjoy harmony and the rich fruits of infinity not only for “yourself,” your family and your business, but for all in your consciousness.

Note: a student (an angel!) is devotedly, lovingly and expertly transcribing the Monthly Transcript materials. As many of you know, I struggled to keep up with the work myself during the first Series. That has now been resolved, thanks to our devoted transcriber! So I can now assure you that you will receive each Transcript without delay, one every 30 days — the first one received within a few minutes of your registration. 


You start with Transcript 1 today, then receive one transcript every 30 days for the next 11 months (12 transcripts all in all).

Each one beautifully and clearly illumines one main aspect of truth for us, filling awareness with not only realization but, of course (because realization "and" form are one) fruitage too.

Please work with each Transcript for the month before the next arrives. Read it through, or certain paragraphs from it, daily. Meditate with the message and the principles of truth it reveals; take it deeply into consciousness hour after hour, day after day, to the point of realization -- that point of "Ah hah" where the reality of the truth or truths in the message become real for you (as real as the multiplication tables, or as the "ABCs").

(Feel free to highlight sentences or paragraphs that particularly resonate with you. The particular truths that resonate with you are your individual and unique fruits of fulfillment "coming through.")

Most importantly, sit silently and openly with the message a number of times each day (for 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes or more each period), spiritually receptive, letting the presence of truth open your eyes to its visible and tangible form.

In this way of living, or spiritual practice, you will discover the forms you become aware of are those of your immediate daily and situational fulfillment. If you need health or healing, health "flows up" into your awareness, and you evidence your health and vitality in real and tangibly bodily form. If you need money, money "flows up" into your awareness, and you find yourself with every dollar needed to fulfill the moment or the situation, often with "twelve baskets full left over." If you need love and companionship, love among your family and friends, you will find love "flowing up" making itself visible and tangible to your God-centered sense. If you need peace, harmony, justice, spaciousness, inspiration, idea, encouragement you will find these "flowing up" revealing themselves to you as the ever-present gift of life, presenting themselves to you as you simply rest quietly and receptively in the presence of your own consciousness (which is the kingdom of God), beholding consciousness itself be the very forms of your individual fulfillment, no matter what form, activity or quality that may be this day, or may be needed to satisfy this situation or that, this condition or that.

In short, as you live with these Transcripts day in and day out; and as you take 3, 4, or 5 or so periods each and every day to sit still for up to an hour, empty and receptive -- knowing that your consciousness is itself the kingdom of God (good), letting consciousness itself present itself to you and for you -- you will witness your life fill with miracles of health, wealth, love, harmony, peace and fulfilled purpose.

Then as you give and serve and share the abundant good you find filling every branch of your life you will witness the miracle of "the multiplication of the loaves and fishes" (the multiplication of every good form); and you discover a degree of divine purpose and fulfillment that you have never before experienced.


Each transcript is provided both on the Transcript web page (so that you can read it on your PC, phone, iPad, tablet etc), and as a downloadable, printable pdf.


The 12 months transcripts subscription is $39 (for the total 12 transcripts)

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I Am with you as you study and practice the message contained in each transcript.

With my blessings and gratitude,


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