Manhattan Beach Community Church Talk

2nd February 2011 - FREE ADMISSION

"The Finished Kingdom of Consciousness"

You are invited to this free talk at which Paul will be sharing the secret of revealing spiritual harmony where to 'human' sense there is material discord.

He will explain:

* What material, physical discord is, and why we experience and struggle with it either personally or globally.

* Why ALL material discord or negative conditions are an illusion of the 'human' sense, and not a REAL power, presence or activity (even though experienced as such to material consciousness).

* How to witness the dissolving of ANY material or physical problem of health, wealth, limitation, unhappiness, loneliness, cruelty, or injustice for true spiritual harmony of All evidenced tangibly and visibly in 'human' experience.

Book a seat (advised) or at the door

ADMISSION IS FREE (donations welcome on the day).

PLEASE NOTE: Capacity is 80 people only.

It is advised to book your seat(s) by calling the host, Jay Stinnett (310) 874-2341, or email him at:

Or, at the door (subject to seat availability).

Place and Time

PLACE: Manhattan Beach Community Church, Assembly Hall, 303 S. Peck Ave, Manhattan Beach CA 90266

TIME: 7.00pm to 9.30pm with a 15 minute break.

*Please be there early - talk starts promptly 7.00pm