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The Art of Being

The Master's great lesson of "I Am" and I Have" (rather than "I am NOT" and I have NOT")

As I reread the first transcript in preparation for today I am reminded how clearly and simply it describes how the "I AM" and "I HAVE" consciousness demonstrates its good, whilst the "I am NOT; I have NOT" consciousness (the human or material consciousness) continually struggles with discord, having to "suffer it to be so" for the moment.

We find the secret of "I Am" in Matthew (25:29):

"For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath." (King James Version)

Lamsa offers a more accurate translation:

"For to him who has, it shall be given, and it shall increase to him; but he who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away from him."


Until we realize it is only the "I Am" -- the "hath" -- consciousness that "demonstrates" -- ("and he shall have abundance" ... "it shall be given, and it shall increase to him") -- we are the "hath not" consciousness that is unable to demonstrate even though we may intellectually know all the truth there is to know.

The greatest secret in all of truth is the attainment of actual TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS, the BEING OF TRUTH that is the I Am, the "hath" consciousness, the "I AM the life, the food, the water, the abundance, the love, the harmony, the peace" consciousness the master speaks of.

Therefore -- do you see? -- it is only as you BE the consciousness of that which you beforehand have been "seeking" that you discover what every truth-seeker is searching to discover: BEING is DEMONSTRATING. "One" and the "other" are the same one.

Students must give up seeking as fast as possible. Seeking can only demonstrate one thing: more seeking. We have to BE, not seek. We have to be the "hath" consciousness, then we witness that which we HAVE: continual and increasing good ("he shall have abundance of life... and it shall increase to him").

If the sun was not BEING light and heat it could not "demonstrate" these in its "out there." Similarly, if the ocean was not BEING wet, salty and wavy it could not witnessing these attributes "out there" AS its embodied experience.

As spiritual beings, if we hang onto a false personal sense of self which continually goes to God "for" health or sufficiency or loving relationship or peace or harmony of any category we are not BEING the "hath" consciousness, but the "hath not."

The consciousness that goes to God "for" something it believes it doesn't yet have is exactly the "hath not" consciousness Jesus speaks of. But the very moment we lose the personal sense to truthful 'I AM THAT' awareness we have the "hath" consciousness which evidences heaven (good) as earth (the harmonies of material experience).

The more we BE our truthful identity, the more of good we HAVE (receive). The more we abide in the fourth dimensional awareness, the more of the boundless good of Truth we "demonstrate" (witness) as the unconditional and effortless forms, activities and amounts of health, wealth, love, happiness, opportunity, safety, security and peace not only in our own experience but as and for all who enter our consciousness.

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Please know that each transcript has one purpose: to guide and sustain you in the consciousness of BEING... the "I" consciousness that is the "demonstrating" or "truth witnessing" consciousness.

I have one desire for all the Miracle Self work including these new monthly transcripts: to reveal to you, support you and sustain you in the I AM consciousness, your and your world's truthful identity, so that you discover your true freedom and infinity of being.

It is only as each person first individually discovers her or his truth and is able to witness harmony in at least the major aspects of life experience -- health, wealth, relationship, safety and security -- that the greater works of harmonizing THOUSANDS MORE PEOPLE'S LIVES around the globe becomes possible.

This is what drives me to carry on offering every type of support I can, including these new monthly transcripts.

Let's first help you BE your freedom of experience. Then as you, week by week, are able to BE the truth of All in your experience, you become the healing and freeing consciousness for all others too.

With blessings and gratitude,

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