A Child's Need For Attention

A question was asked about a child's need for attention, and trying to fix the situation the child seems to be in without deterring oneself of the "Peace that passes understanding".


Two things, 1. Children ONLY want love, they SETTLE for attention.

2. It would be her age that dictates whether or not you express your frustration by not stepping in and helping her or actually doing something that supports her, not rescues her.

For instance if she's over 18 you can say, "I see you're in a spot and I'm feeling frustrated, torn really, that I can't step in and fix the situation for you. But I'd much rather support you by finding out what outcome you'd like and different ways you might accomplish it."

If she's younger you can stand by her side and walk with her through it, narrating so she hears your take on the circumstances which would include your spirituality.

That peace that passes understanding comes from your being free. Free of fear, free of expectation, free of the personal sense.

The freedom to just love her and have that genuinely come from your heart - which happens naturally when you've named your fears (surrendered them) and surrendered your expectations of her (which also come from your fears).

Go deeper within yourself to find the Truth. Your child is here for you to lift higher and become free yourself.