New Year Message 2013

Dear Precious Friend,

New Year for me has long been a joyful time of hope and new expression, new experience, not because of the calender date but for its spiritual significance.

The New Year has spiritual significance as new awakening, a collective hope of better experience springing forth, the "fresh manna" of awareness Moses spoke of.

It is a new blossoming of Truth throughout consciousness that enables all spiritually awakening souls to celebrate the oneness and union of truthful being, without the orthodoxy we each may have been raised with or still find peace and truth in today yet without bound, dogma or inequality.

Let us therefore celebrate a new awareness of Oneness, Love, the union of one, where each is for the whole, Truth omnipresent, never only for the sense of personal self or personal gain.

Let us never take or gain some form of good from another for personal fulfillment, and if we have in the past let us do our very best to rise in truthful awareness to the point of being able to restore harmony, peace and love with all.

Let us realize that because there is no "unmanifest" or "unembodied" God, Spirit, Consciousness, Awareness every grain of new consciousness - more truthful awareness - is embodied as, and throughout, experience.

Therefore let us daily, throughout the gift of the New Year, work to rise in conscious awareness of Truth as All -- without exception, without inequality, without judgment or condemnation -- the true and literal Oneness of Being, Mind, Body, Family, Home, Thing, Amount, Condition, Place, Neighborhood, Country and World.

Let us each play our part in revealing the Truth of All by individual and consistent effort to rise in Truth consciousness, and to act as the oneness of being in Love, Life, Peace, Harmony and Joy.

In this way, and this way only, can we discover and tangibly reveal our world and all people, as the Oneness of Spiritual Being.

My Love and Gratitude for you and all,