September 2011 Novato Oaks, USA Retreat

3 Day Advanced Student and Practitioner Retreat - Sat, Sun, Mon - September 3-4-5th 2011 (Labor Day weekend)

"Practice of Illumined Silence - The Key To Revealed Harmony"

The secret of all tangibly experienced life, love, abundance, harmony, justice, safety, security and peace is Illumined Silence - the fertile, still and receptive consciousness that knows True Oneness AS ALL and then AS SILENCE watches as It is revealed as all "material, physical" good.

We will be learning the practice, step by step, of BEING the illumined consciousness that reveals Spirit, God, Good wherever "you" are.

"We'll be receiving the greatest clarity the Miracle Self has yet given about how to control the mind, dissolve the material belief that imprisons and binds one's tangible experience, and how to start using the mind as a window of awareness for the All and Unconditional Good that is omnipresent AS you, always at your feet, in your hands, awaiting your spiritual awareness and receptivity." Paul F. Gorman

Further Description

What is the consciousness that evidences the "heavenly riches" in, as, every walk of life? How does one attain that consciousness?

There is a distinct difference between what the world generally thinks of as 'meditation', and 'silence'.

It is only True silence of the 'human' mind (a true nothingness or vacuum of mind) that evidences the tangible fruits of Truth - that which we experience as healthy, harmonious, peaceful and abundant physical/material form and activity.

This 3 day retreat guides you through the specific practice of first bringing the mind to a state of deep stillness and peace in which it is truly relaxed (not concerned about appearance; not 'wanting' for anything at all), then, second, the ability to be the VACUUM OF AWARENESS that IS - and evidences - the infinity of Good that is the Wholeness of Truth experienced individually, tangibly, and infallibly in every walk of 'material' and 'physical' experience.

This is the "Practice of Illumined Silence" that is the "healing" (truth revealing) or "illumined" consciousness described by Paul.

For 'advanced' students and practitioners only. Not for beginners.

Venue & Dates

VENUE: 215 Alameda Del Prado, Novato, CA 94949 USA

Tel: (415) 883-4400

Novato Oaks Inn

DATES: 3-4-5th (Sat, Sun, Mon) September 2011 - Labor Day weekend.

NOTE: ***If you would like to stay at the hotel for the retreat, mention "Paul Gorman/Miracle Self Retreat" to get the special retreat rate which includes breakfast (for up to 2 people per room). Valid up to (to be notified). After that, the rates return to the hotel's normal, higher price.***


Saturday 3rd: 10am - 6pm* (private meetings with Paul available at breaks**)

Sunday 4th: 10am - 6pm* (private meetings with Paul available at breaks**)

Monday 5th: 10am - 5pm.* (private meetings with Paul available at breaks**)

*30 minute breaks between sessions; 90 minutes at lunch.

**Please book private meetings through our retreat hosts - Gabriella Barr, Lisa Barnett or Delaine Amdahl.

Includes Free Audio Set of The Retreat

This retreat is being recorded live. Each attendee receives a free audio set (mp3s downloads) of each session of the retreat.

Please allow up to 60 days for the edited set to be ready. The UNEDITED audios of each day's sessions will be available on a special "live" download page within 24 hours of each day's class.

Class Fee

The class fee for this 3 day retreat is $300 per person (NOTE: price does not include travel, accommodation or food.)

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Cancellation Policy

30 days or more before the first day of the retreat: $50 cancellation fee for event refund.

Less than 30 days before the first day of the retreat: no event fee refund available.

PLEASE NOTE: Hotel and food cancellations and refunds are specific to each hotel or event site. You must check direct with the event site, and arrange any due refunds with them.

Thank you to our retreat hosts!

Thank you to our ever-generous and hard-working retreat hosts Gabriella Barr, Lisa Barnett and Delaine Amdahl.