Thank You for Joining This Message

Thank you for joining this message, and more importantly BEING the consciousness of it with me.

Thank you also for taking a stand in truth as a parent. Mostly your - and all - children thank you. THIS is truly the gift we, as awake parents, bring to our children, and they in turn become blessings to their world.

In this way we are, together as One, 'breaking the chain' of collective consciousness, both generational and ancestral.

Awakening To The Universal Truth of Children

Initially, as spiritual parents, in the most remedial fashion we are hoping to lend our children a God awareness. We have a desire to give this gift of spirituality or spiritual awareness to our children. Then we discover that what we're REALLY doing is UNIVERSAL rather than for a personal purpose.

All the work we're doing is for the whole. We think we'd just like our kids to have a God consciousness but what's really happening is freeing the whole - 'code-breaking' collective morass.

Your children might not grow up showing signs of 'spirituality', however - in the midst of the freedom you provide for them as awake parents - they grow up rooted in THEIR truth with absolute permission to express their true selves.

Eventually IN THEIR TIME they WILL express spirituality - I'm almost certain. In my case, one of my boys lives there, and the younger one speaks of it.

It's every parent's desire - if we're spiritual - to have our children adopt that quality or behavior. So what we are doing is not 'teaching' spirituality, we're BEING spirituality - which is acknowledging that they are ALREADY whole.

BEING SPIRITUALITY is all that's needed; all that's necessary.

As this message flows forth to those of you with whom it resonates it really is truth pushing through to, and as, those of us who are ready to BE it. So, thank you again for being this consciousness.

As this message flows - it may come as a flood or as a trickle - it is my privilege to send it to you. Let's see what Omniscience holds for us!

In total love,