Children Playing In a Violent Way

QUESTION: I realize I am still particularly fearful when my 6-year old is playing in a 'violent' way, i.e. with toy soldiers, swords and guns! I know that it is for me to look at what I see as 'fearful' in the world 'out there', however I do find this quite hard! I'd love to know how you deal with this as well as your exact words around your 'surrendering to fear' process. It is as if I couldn't face the thought of my fears coming true, or be willing to 'let them show themselves'.

I am very aware that it is me who is to 'live in truth' around my family, yet I do find this challenging to do sometimes. I think I am 'trying too hard' rather than 'getting out of the way'!


Dear sweet one,

First of all, in regard to your son and shooting games, I always ask myself, Is this behavior in the realm of normal? If the answer is Yes, then I know there is nothing for me to do. He is right on schedule.

On the topic of surrendering fears: As faith and awareness grows be gentle with yourself. Some days it's a stick we beat ourselves with and other days it's a balm that soothes so deeply.

So when I say "become willing for your fears to happen" I don't mean all at once! I mean the willingness to surrender them as we name them helps to dislodge them from the belief that they are real or have power.

What I found was that any fear was a false God. Fear doesn't exist, although I've catered to it and have spent endless time "working" on IT. So if consciousness is my experience, I should look around at my immediate surroundings and realize that THAT's what's ACTUALLY happening.

The concept of "out there" implies two. So in order to free the splendor I have to see my fears for what they really are, collective conscious. So when I refer to the willingness for my fears to "happen" it's almost like being willing for the mirage of the water in the desert to get me wet. It's not possible. If I stay hypnotized, I might believe I'm wet. So I say, show me!

It's a paper dragon, a hologram. My mind has a lot of those "dragons". I inherited them from my parents (relatives), I saw them on TV, I read about them in magazines - all erroneous beliefs one acquires and hold onto.

It doesn't matter where I picked them up they came off the shelf of collective conscious. So I say, "Aha another trickster, show me if you're real! Show me!"

Fear knocked, faith answered. I have surrendered a thousand fears (became willing for them to happen). Some perilous, some meager. In the space of a fear surrendered is freedom, peace.

This journey of freedom, of getting free, is grabbing hold of the kite strings of fear and following them to their non-power by becoming willing for them to happen.

That surrender allows us to have peace and intuition (Omniscience) during every moment of parenting. Revealing Truth. Feeling Peace.

I hope I been of some help.

So much love,