"Absolute Surrender To God" 3 Day Retreat

Fri, Sat, Sun 20, 21, 22nd May 2011, Redondo Beach, California.

Experiential retreat for 60 "advanced" students only.


Following the 4 day "Rising To Mystical Consciousness" Paul now takes us to the consciousness and experience of "Absolute Surrender To God".

Only as we lose ALL PERSONAL (human, material, physical) SENSE of health, wealth, love and worldly good and gain can we experience True and tangible Harmony of All, here, now, as what we call material' good.

Paul takes us through the practical condition-by-condition, moment-by-moment surrender of all appearing (material) discord or limitation, to God Presence - Spirit being what You are, and have, rather than 'you' being what you are and have.

One 'human' belief and reliance by one, Paul will be showing us how to surrender it for the Absolute God Experience:

* Absolute Surrender of human concepts of health, for God Life Itself, reveals perfect 'physical' body.

* Absolute Surrender of human concepts of wealth, for Infinity Itself, reveals abundant 'material' wealth.

* Absolute Surrender of human concepts of love, relationship and companionship, for God Love Itself, reveals perfect 'human' love, relationship and companionship.

* Absolute Surrender of human concepts of success and fulfilling purpose, for God Activity Itself, reveals perfect 'human' success and fulfillment of purpose.

* Absolute Surrender of human concepts of world peace, justice and safety, for God Harmony Itself, reveals what is witnessed as 'world' harmony.

In Absolute God Presence, Harmony Is. "Where the presence of the Lord is, there is liberty." To all truth students, practicing the presence... BEING the Presence... is the ultimate awakening.

60 Places Only

Please note that we have a maximum of 60 places available for this retreat.

You should be experienced with the teaching of The Miracle Self and/or Joel S. Goldsmith's Infinite Way to attend this "advanced" retreat. Not for "beginners".

Audio Set

This retreat will be recorded. You receive the set of audios (as download mp3s) free as a participant.


Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, 260 Portofino WayRedondo Beach, California (CA) 90277

Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club

Retreat Schedule

FRIDAY 20th:

Arrive and check-in Friday 20th May, from 2pm.

First retreat session with Paul 7:30pm


Morning Session starts 10am.

Break 11.15am

Mid-morning session starts 11.30am

Lunch 1pm

Afternoon Session starts 2:30pm.

Break 3.45pm

Mid-afternoon session starts 4pm

Dinner break 6pm

Evening session starts 7.30pm (ends 8.30pm)

SUNDAY 22nd:

Final session starts 10am, finished 12 noon.

Retreat ends.

Class Fee

Class fee is $350 per person (does NOT include travel, accommodation or meals).

Book your place(s) here

Accommodation & Booking Fee

There is a $75 booking fee payable to the host, Jay Stinnett. Please send a check payable to "Jay Stinnett", 2602 Gates Ave. #1, Redondo Beach CA 90278

You can contact Jay on (310) 874-2341 or email him at jaystinnett@me.com

Please book your hotel accommodation direct with the Portofino Hotel - (Tel) 310.379.8481

If you have a question about attending

If you would like to ask a question about attending this retreat, feel free to email - retreatquestion@miracleself.com

Or call or email Jay - (310) 874-2341, jaystinnett@me.com

Thank you!

Cancellation Policy

31 days or more before the first day of the retreat: $50 cancellation fee for event refund.

Less than 31 days before the first day of the retreat: no event fee refund available.

PLEASE NOTE: Hotel and food cancellations and refunds are specific to each hotel or event site. You must check direct with the event site, and arrange any due refunds with them.