Welcome To The 2011 Tampa, Florida Preparatory Retreat Class

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Free Pre-Florida Retreat Class Audio: "Oneness - Nowness - Faith"

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This class is a complete message in its own right - a powerful one.

If you are attending the "Resting in God Is" Florida retreat I ask that you work with this message thoroughly - each day taking the principles it explains into consciousness, pondering them more deeply, understanding their truth, then having periods of silence to let their roots be nourished and made real and tangible for you.

In this way, your consciousness will be fertilized and ready for the profound message and clarity about EVIDENCING TRUTHFUL EXPERIENCE (the fruits of experience) we'll be hearing in Florida.

If you are NOT able to attend, I encourage you to treat this class message WITH THE SAME FERVOR. It contains enough truth and clarity about ONENESS, NOWNESS and FAITH to change your life from THEORETICAL truth to TANGIBLY EVIDENCED truth within a very short period of time, as long as these principles are actually LIVED with (practiced; brought alive as the activity of your daily consciousness).

Remember: make sure you continually sing the song of TRUTH all day, rather than untruth. It is the continual song of TRUTH that evidences Itself as tangible experience.

With all My Love,