Rising To Mystical Consciousness - 4 Day Experiential Retreat

16, 17, 18, 19th May 2011, Hermosa Beach, California.

Experiential retreat for 35 "advanced" participants only.


4 days with Paul lifting individual and group consciousness into the mystical (unconditioned, concept-less, no thought) state.

"Within a man of light, there is light, and he lights the whole world. When he does not shine, there is darkness." (Gospel of Thomas).

All 'human, material, earthly' problems are 'darkness' of consciousness.

In lifting above material AND metaphysical, to mystical consciousness (illumined consciousness), the Blissful Infinity of Being is experienced, witnessed AS the truth of 'material' experience (life, love, harmony, peace and limitlessness) is revealed (the so-called 'healing' consciousness).

Limited seats

This is a private retreat for 35 only.

"Rising To Mystical Consciousness" is primarily an experiential retreat. Paul will be giving spiritual and meditative instruction, then guiding the group into mystical experience.

Only for "advanced" participants. Please make CERTAIN you are ready for 2 - 4 cumulative hours of deep silence throughout each of the four days.

Audio Set

This retreat will be recorded. You receive the set of audios (as download mp3s) free as a participant.


Leelaa, 1900 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, California CA 90254

Lee Scantlin (our retreat host) can be reached at:

lee@leelaa.org or (310) 318-6572.

Daily Schedule

Daily schedule for the four days:

First session: 10am - 11.30am. (Please arrive in good time. Paul will be starting the session promptly at 10am).

Break: 11.30 - 12 noon.

Second session: 12 noon - 1.30pm.

Lunch break: 1.30pm - 3pm.

Third session: 3pm - 5pm (with a short break around 4pm).


Retreat fee is $395 per person (does NOT include travel, accommodation or meals). Coffee and tea provided.

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Cancellation Policy

31 days or more before the first day of the retreat: $50 cancellation fee for event refund.

Less than 31 days before the first day of the retreat: no event fee refund available.

PLEASE NOTE: Hotel and food cancellations and refunds are specific to each hotel or event site. You must check direct with the event site, and arrange any due refunds with them.