How Do I Know When It Is True Love?

QUESTION: My question is not directly about my children, it is about relationships. I have been dating a man for a number of years. He is loving, kind, generous and quiet. He has no spiritual interest but supports mine. It has lasted this long because I keep rationalizing that he is a good, good person and so very supportive but truth is, I am not attracted to him and there is no sexual attraction. He is very patient and accepts it for what it is. We are more companions as far as I am concerned. Am I just settling?

I have been resting in the Truth, working with the teachings, realizing the presence of only ONE and NOW and awaiting the outcome but things have not changed and I feel unrest over it. Rationalization comes in too as the belief of age and options tries to suggest. Any help you can be would be appreciated.


Thank you for your sweet response about my parenting message.

Thank you for your question. Gentleness is always the way. Be gentle with your self as you wrestle with the emerging expression of your Truth and the releasing of the personal sense. The personal sense has had the "microphone" a lot longer than our keenness to the whisper of the "still, small, voice." Give it space. It's all unfolding.

If companionship is what you both want, then no resolution is needed.

It sounds as if, apart from your fears (of being too old, having limited options etc.), a passionate loving relationship is what you'd prefer (who you are). That Love IS HERE NOW as you.

So then I'll ask, "Whom do you serve? God or mammon (personal sense)?" If it is God, then the Truth (whatever THAT looks like) IS your absolute fulfillment, already. Rest and realize that our finite mind couldn't possibly know what that's supposed to look like. We can't. It's a total impossibility.

And so what I hear from you is that this situation isn't in agreement with your spirit. It causes unrest. And where there is unrest, that sense of unrest takes us away from the experience of the Peace which is Universally what is happening all of the time (right now).

When we're not feeling that Peace, we're back in the collective, which convinces us that there exists a personal sense. Which is where good and bad, pain and pleasure, set up shop.

Omniscience (whom You REALLY are) knows the way. So surrender to ITS Wisdom. Let It show, BE, You. Trust It. Right now. Know the Truth. Rest the mind and allow the heart to open. When you live love inside, and release all hold on the old, AND release what you think you desire as the new, that is when the tangible experience emerges.

Tenderness pours forth as I write this.

I hope this was helpful to you.

So much love,