3 Day "Spirit Is" Retreat

"Rising Out Of The Limitation Of Personal Sense"Old Mission Santa Barbara, 4-5-6th February 2011


For "advanced" spiritual students and practitioners only.

You should ideally have a good working knowledge of The Miracle Self (ideally you will have read one or both of the books, and attended or listened to one or both of the November 2010 retreats - The Basking Ridge "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Healing" and the Snowdonia "Science And Practice Of Spiritual Prosperity"). Long standing Joel Goldsmith students and practitioners will also benefit from this retreat.

Retreat Details

When we lift consciousness into a true awareness of "Spirit Is" - losing the personal sense of "I" for the One Universal Sense - the Harmony that IS becomes evident to 'human' sense.

All 'human' and world discord, disease, poverty, limitation and unhappiness is due the false sense of self - a false identity of self.

Yet when it is understood that ONLY GOD, SPIRIT, IS... only the ONE SELF IS, BEING EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE... and that that One Self is eternally and infinitely in perfect order and harmony, then the great secret is revealed: IMMEDIATELY THE PERSONAL SENSE IS DROPPED THE TRUE ONE SELF AND PRESENCE OF ALL IS TANGIBLY AND VISIBLY EVIDENT.

This 3 day residential (optional) retreat at the Old Mission Santa Barbara will lift consciousness into an illumined state of Spirit Is.

Many meditations and periods of silence will be included.


Old Mission Santa Barbara Renewal Center, 2201 Laguna St. Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (retreat is in Clare's Place) www.santabarbaramission.org


Arrive and check-in 4th February, from 3pm.

Main retreat 4-5-6th February.

Final morning segment, then departure, 6th February.

Retreat Schedule


Residential guests arrive at Renewal Center after 3pm. Dinner 6 pm.

Introductory Meeting with Paul 7:30pm


Residential guests breakfast 8am – 9am.

Morning Session starts 10am.

Lunch 12pm

Afternoon Session starts 2:30pm.

Residential gusts dinner 6pm.


Residential guests breakfast 8am - 9am.

Final session starts 10am.

Lunch 12pm.

Retreat ends.

There will be coffee breaks each mid-morning and mid-afternoon.



$295 per person single room (single rooms are limited. Please state whether you are prepared to share a double room).

$265 double occupancy which includes accommodation for 2 nights (Friday-Saturday nights) and all meals at the center (please state if you have any dietary requests. There is a variety of non-meat items at each meal).

Please book your accommodation direct with the host, Jay Stinnett 001 (310) 874-2341 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              001 (310) 874-2341      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email him at: jaystinnett@me.com

Address: Jay Stinnett 2602 Gates Ave. #1, Redondo Beach CA 90278

A deposit of $200 is required on booking.


The class fee for this retreat is $300 - please use the link below to book. Thank you.

NOTE: Paul never wants "money" to stop students from attending his classes. If you wish to attend but are unable to pay the $300 fee, you may use the "Donate" option to donate a different amount for this retreat.

Paul Gorman "Spirit Is" Retreat One Person $300

Paul Gorman "Spirit Is" Retreat One Person Donation

Thank you - see you February 4-5-6th!

Jay Stinnet

Paul Gorman

P.S. If you have any questions about attending the "Spirit Is" Retreat, you are welcome to email Paul - paul@miracleself.com