The Way of Spiritual Attainment

To material sense everything of good is "outside" and "separate" of self. Good must be "earned, gained, accomplished, labored for, maintained" by personal or collective knowledge, effort, ability, even luck.

The good and fulfillment of mind, body, family, home, business, finances, purpose of being, community, country and world is something that has to be "visioned, labored for, achieved and maintained" by human inspiration and effort.

To material sense "outside" or "dual" powers (causes) operate upon one and upon one's mind, body and world, creating both good and bad conditions (effects), the bad needing to be fought in order to gain harmony, peace, safety, security and fulfillment of life.

To the spiritually enlightened self is whole, complete and forever existent as Self, I, God, Spirit, Truth.


All is One. There is no "inner" versus "outer," no spiritual versus material or physical, no God "and."

I, Consciousness, Spirit, Self is Self-Contained, All-Inclusive, Whole, Perfect, Omnipresent and Eternal. The Whole is the only Existence, the only Presence, the only Form. The Whole exists fully Manifest here, now, as You, as Me, as All.

As you awaken to Truth you realize there is but One - One Being, One Presence, One Power, One Body, One Intelligence, One Thing, One Amount, One Place, One Existence, One Fulfillment: Love, Bliss, Wholeness, Glory, Peace, Harmony as All without condition, without exception, here as You now, possessing All.

Nothing can be gained because You already Are, and Have, All.

When you "have God" (God consciousness) you have All. Nothing is separate or apart. Nothing is "outside" of you needing to be "gained, achieved, labored for, maintained."

It is realized that God is omnipresent as the Only, as You, as All, here and now. Only God Is. Only Now Is. God does not give nor withhold. God cannot give nor withhold because All is Now; All Is Already; All is Truth being You, and You are All of Truth being Itself because God is All, All is God, and God is Now.

The spiritually awakening being realizes that the whole of God - the whole of the Infinite, and All the Infinite Is and Has - exists at every point of Itself simultaneously.

Nothing at all - nothing, nothing - is missing, is separate, is apart from any "other" part, being, place or condition. All - you, me, universal all - is infinite Allness, and has (possesses) the infinity of All.

All is One, not "two." All is Here, Now, Complete, fully Manifest and Whole, fully Visible and Tangible being You, being all beings: one I, one Consciousness, one Self, one Self-Complete Whole.

You are All, you have All as you rest in conscious oneness with and as God, I, Spirit, Truth.

In this realization of Oneness you stop seeking the things and conditions of material sense and seek God awareness alone because in seeking God consciousness (awareness) alone you find yourself in possession All.

"I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on... but rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Luke 12: 22,31-32

"You search for Me but you do not find Me because you do not know how to search this very moment." Gospel of Thomas.


When you realize this very moment - every moment - as being God alone, then you Have All. When you have God awareness you have All because God is Infinite All omnipresent right here, this minute, as You; Infinite All, God, Good, is omnipresent right here, now, as You, being You, being everything of your entire experience.

There is no exception to Oneness being You, no other possibility, because God - the only Presence, only Being, only Activity, is Infinite All fully Manifest and omnipresent as Itself as All Being, All Body, All Form, All Amount, All Activity: You, Me, Everything Everywhere.

The key to spiritual awakening - to witnessing the tangibility of the blissful life - is having a God-filled consciousness rather than a material-filled consciousness.

It is similar to the rheostat controlling the "amount" of light filling the room. The lower the rheostat the dimmer the light, the less visible the world of the room you occupy, and all the things it contains. The higher the rheostat the brighter the light, the more visible the world of the room and all it contains.

In spiritual language, the more illumined (God aware) is your consciousness, the more tangible and visible is the truthful infinity of consciousness and its world of oneness, wholeness, harmony, peace, life, love, union, joy, bliss, giving, sharing and serving.

The more continually God-aware you are the more of the love, peace, bliss, harmony, and abundance of all God Is and Has is yours experientially, tangible and visible as every aspect of life here and now.


"Keep your mind filled with God" is perhaps the greatest secret given by every mystic, prophet and seer throughout the ages.

"Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first and greatest commandment." Matthew 12:30

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee." Isaiah 26:3

As you recognize, without exception and without division, all as God, Spirit, Truth -- every being, animal, plant, object, place and condition as the Bliss and very Presence and Body of the infinity of Truth Itself (rather than believing the way he, she and it appears to be through the conditioned mind) -- AND AS YOU BE, or EXPRESS God-aware consciousness -- the Bliss and Harmony of Truth becomes visible and tangible as your experience, and the experience of all who come in range of your consciousness.

The world becomes free in Truth -- free of illness, disease, poverty, lack, limitation, injustice, cruelty, creed and division between individuals, communities and nations as and by the degree that individual and collective consciousness is filled with God Consciousness.