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Paul F. Gorman

Christmas Day 2017
I Am Meditation

A Meditation for Christmas Day
(from Freedom of Infinity, Class 6)


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I Am -- a Christmas Meditation

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I Am

The Voice of God speaks directly to us.

I am.

I am all there is.

I am you.

I am all in your universe.

I am your consciousness.

I am all that you are conscious of.

I am.

More than that My Beloveds, I am that which is your consciousness.

I am being conscious as Me as you.

Never believe you have to achieve something by yourself.

Never believe you have to achieve spiritual awareness.

I am your spiritual awareness, and I am that which you are spiritually aware of.

When I speak of you I speak of I — not a personal you, but I being you.

Do not believe you need seek me. When the word seek has been used in Scripture it is a mis-translation. What it means is realize, know Me.

Do not seek Me, I already am you.

I already am all that I am as all that you are.

There is no need to seek.

Whenever belief tries to tempt you to seek immediately realize, I already am. There is no need for you to seek that which you already are and have.

I already have.

All that I is and has you already are and have because I am you.

Do not believe you have to transform your mind.

Again, any reference to this in Scripture is a mis-translation.

I am your mind, for there is none else but I.

Your mind is Me, and is full of Me; and because mind is every form in your universe — every person, thing, condition; every color, fragrance, sound; everything you hear, everything you touch or that touches you, everything you see; every activity, every amount, every place — all these mind forms are Me simply objectively experienced.

Always remember, I am mind, therefore all the formation of mind — the infinite variety of formation that is your universe and all it constitutes — is I and all that I am and have.

Your mind does not need transformation. Simply awaken. Simply awaken to the truth that I am.

This is it, this is your true identity. There is no other existence but I am.

You are that; you are I. Do not seek, and do not wish to transform your mind or your body or your world. Simply awaken, simply realize that I am.

Do not believe that your body is physical, is separate and different from I. It is not. Your body, all body, is I.

Your body does not need anything. Your body never can need something. Your body does not age, deteriorate, become sick or diseased, painful, decrepit and eventually die. These false experiences are nothing but belief — horrible belief that has no foundation in truth whatsoever.

No belief has any truth to it.

In awakened sense, belief is unable to cause false experience. Think about this. Belief, because it is nothing in itself, because it has no entity to it, cannot cause or appear in your life as false experience.

Every belief is born, lives for a period of time, then dies. This alone shows you that belief is unreal, a non-entity. Being a non-entity, belief is powerless in the awareness of your true identity.

I am; and the I am that I am is eternal; I am not born; I do not live a temporary lifespan of minutes, decades or even centuries; I do not die. I simply am. Belief is not.

Drop belief and turn to I — meaning, realize that the very I you are, your whole universe of I, your whole universe of individually conscious I is I, Me.

Is, is, is; not will be, not in potential is, not eventually is, not conditionally is.

You have been conditioned to believe you have to study, you have to lift awareness or lift consciousness in order to experience your truth. These are useful baby step terms; but now, I am speaking to you. You could not be reading this if you were not ready to experience it.

Hear me now. I am the Voice of your consciousness, the Voice of the one, visible, tangible truth of you and all in your universe.

You can drop every baby step and simply realize, know, wake up to the one reality that I am, that nothing but I exists.

I am your body, because all body is I.

I am life, and I am your I, your consciousness.

Your consciousness is I which is life itself.

Your consciousness does not “have” life. I have not “put life into” your consciousness. This is speaking in dual terms, in terms of separation and difference. None of these are true.

I am your consciousness. All that I am is your consciousness.

I cannot be found anywhere else. I literally am, I literally live, I literally have all that I am as your consciousness; and the consciousness that I am sees itself, has itself, experiences nothing but itself, and the fullness thereof.

The consciousness I am, which is the consciousness you are, is its own image and likeness as all that constitutes your universe.

Consciousness feels itself, consciousness experiences itself. As you see and feel and experience the body, realize I am the body; and that body is life itself.

The body, being consciousness, is the origin of, the purity of, the totality of, the eternity of life itself because I am that.

Rest in the body.

Never be concerned about the body; never take thought "for" the body. "Take no thought for [do not be concerned about] your life; nor for your body." Matthew 6:25; Luke 12:22

Rest, and freely receive this loving, illumined awareness. All that I am and have is what you and you body is and has.

Realize this one truth now, and you will discover that your consciousness literally is the forms and activities of your experience, including the forms and activities of your body.

Therefore, as you rest in body, freely receiving in awareness, therefore as experienced form and function all that I am, all that I have as you and for you; all that I am freely giving you twenty-four hours a day you will discover that the body is divine. The body is spiritual. The body is Me and full of the goodness of Me which is life eternal, purpose eternal -- life fulfilled, purpose fulfilled here and now.

Rest, My Beloved, in the body.

Rest in the mind.

Open your senses to Me, that is all; and you will discover that I am right there with you always, being you always; fully evident as I, as you, as you rest and freely receive all that I am giving you, all that I am being as you each minute of the day and night.

Do not seek Me in thing, in condition, in place. Do not look "out" and believe that any thing you are conscious of is different from Me, separate from Me; that it can behave in its own way; that it has its own character, its own nature; that it of its own self can be either good or bad in your experience. No.

I am all. I am your consciousness, and I am that which you are conscious of.

Do not believe a form to be real, which is just a picture in consciousness. Realize that I am the only. I am.

If you give any other believed name to him, her or it; if you accept any other thing or condition or state that presents itself to you as being an entity in itself, you deny Me.

And yet, My Beloved, I am every person, thing and condition, not only as you, but for you.

I am there as your twenty-four hours a day utter and unconditional fulfillment and joy of being.

Recognize I, and you have the freedom of I.

Rest in I, beholding I, and you have the infinity of all you are conscious of. You have the love, the life, the joy, the purpose, the freedom, the harmony, the oneness of all you are conscious of when you recognize I -- nothing else but I -- for I am that.

I am that which you observe. I am that which you see, you hear, you taste, you touch, you smell. I am all; I am every form, every condition, every amount, every activity. I am; and as you recognize nothing but I am as being all, and as you therefore rest in I, rest as I realizing I already am; and then behold I everywhere present, you will see the miracle of I as all that you are.

You will see the miracle of eternal life, the miracle of unchanging youthfulness, the miracle of unchanging vitality, the miracle of universal harmony and peace; the miracle of abundant good everywhere present and everywhere active.

You will see the miracle of what appears to your senses as multiplying good, whether that good be loaves and fishes or other forms of food — any and every other form of food; whether it be of money, of business, of prosperity, of innovation filling your awareness, of genius pouring through as you and as your expression; of union, of peace, of Oneness -- literal oneness of all in your consciousness — as you know that all is I, and as you live the rested state of being, beholding that which I am; never making effort for good, never seeking I in the belief that you do not have I, in the belief that your consciousness is not yet the fullness of I (none of this is true); never attempting to transform or change or fix, harmonize, prosper, heal anyone or anything; but realizing that I am.

This is the key.

This is my greatest gift to you, the realization of I am; and then the gift of resting in I, as I, simply beholding I being fulfillment of all that you are and all that you experience.

Be still now, and freely receive the fullness of Me for a few minutes. . . .

Never believe that you lack any form of good, any activity of good. Never believe you lack money, you lack success, you lack prosperity, you lack the spiritual awareness and wisdom to have plenty, to have wonderfully successful business or practice or teaching. No such lack is true of you.

I am you, and I am that which you experience.

I am that which you do.

I am that which you are involved in, every grain of that which you experience, you do, you are involved in is Me and the fullness of Me which is unconditional and unconditionally available as your every activity, as your every experience. Never believe anything different from this one truth.

I am.

The very hour you decide to do something, the very moment you start a project, the very day you start a business or a practice or a teaching, it is the fullness of I.

You do not have to achieve anything. I already am.

The fullness of Me is already all you are and all you do. The very decision or the impulse you feel within to do something, to start a project, to start a business, to walk into your business this morning, to conduct business, to make available wonderful products or services that benefit the people that are also I in earthly experience; these people and activities are all me being all of your experience, all of the impulse you feel within, all of that urge within, all of fulfillment's expression within — whatever all this looks like in your individual life, it is I.

My Beloved, even the decision to get up from your chair and walk to the kitchen or walk into the living room or into the garden; even the decision to make breakfast or lunch or dinner and the choice of ingredients for these; or to have a drink; all is I in you, and all that you experience is I as you.

Realize this truth. This is the one truth.

Have no other name but I. Certainly, use other names in order to communicate with people, in order to do your buying, your marketing, in order to conduct your business, in order to converse with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and customers. But always keep alive within you the one truth that all is I — finished, glorious, visible, full, indivisible, inseparable, ever-present.

Indeed, never seek I. Never look “out” and believe that what you experience, what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell is not I. Yes, it is I.

In your scriptures you read "I live and move and have my being in God." But have you believed this statement is about you?

Ah, there is that devilish belief again. I live, I am; I live and move and have My being, as God, as you.

“Ye are gods.” I live and move and have My being as you, and you live and move and have your being as and by Me.

You do not take a single breath except it be Me breathing as you.

You do not have a single thought except it be Me aware has you.

You do not move a single inch except it be Me moving as you, which means you moving in experience; you experiencing an objective sense of Me as you.

Experience moves; I never moves.

I am; and I am you. Yet, as experience, I am sensed as you moving, I am sensed as you thinking, I am sensed as you breathing, I am sensed as you doing; I am sensed as thing, condition, amount, activity, place.

Yet all is I, never moving, never changing. "I am" — you know this from your scriptures — "the same yesterday, today and forever." I am before time and beyond time; I am without beginning, without middle, without end.

I am simply I; and yet in experience I moves, I thinks, I does; I has this, that and the other. Yet, when you know that all is I, you live the rested state of being for, My Friends, you are not required to do anything of your own selves.

You are not required to be responsible for your mind, your body, your love, your husband, your wife, your family, your world. You are not required to be responsible for money, for business success, for safety, for security, for harmony, for peace, for kindness, for happiness, for freedom.

No, no. I am all; and I am already established within and without.

It is I that reveals the truth of these. I do; you do not, because you are not of your own self. You are I.

Never feel as if something burdensome is presenting itself to you. Never feel as if a demand is made upon you or upon your family, upon your finances, upon your business, upon your neighborhood, upon your freedom, upon your country or world.

No; I am these, and I already am.

That which seems to be a burden or a challenge is the very fulfillment of I presenting itself to you as greater realization.

That which seems to be a sickness, a disease, an injury is your very eternal perfect life and health and youthfulness presenting itself to you, pushing through in greater, more glorious and permanent measure.

Just know all to be I, then suffering disappears. Hardship, struggle and pain disappear the moment you know that all is I and, therefore, release everything you have believed is separate and different from I.

Rest, empty and receptive, and freely receive the light of truth awareness for a few minutes. . . .


Give freely to all in your world.

Do not be afraid to freely give, for I am all that you are and have.

I am food, I am clothes, I am money, I am resources; I am love, I am kindness, I am compassion, I am a helping hand.

I am God awareness. Therefore, all that you are aware of is the very presence of infinity.

If you are looking for infinity, look at all you have. There infinity is.

Look at your food, your clothes, your money and realize, here is I; therefore, here is infinity, as these very forms.

My Friends, do you realize now, that all form is the very presence of I being sensed form?; therefore, that every form is the very presence of infinity as that specific form?

Infinity is not invisible, hidden, unavailable to your every moment. Infinity is not conditional. Infinity is, because I am the all and the only.

I am all, including all form.

In this realization, freely give. Ye are the God of your world; therefore freely give as the God of your world.

Do not look at your food resources, your financial resources, your business resources, your love resources, your ability resources, your helping hand resources, your time resources and believe you are restricted in any way. You are never restricted. Restriction, hindrance, delay do not exist except in belief. No person, thing, condition or place, no clock or calendar, no amount or circumstance has the ability to restrict you because all is I, which is unconditional giving infinity, now and forever.

In I realization, freely give; and realize that as you give you are giving I to I, not I to human, not I to Bob, Mary, Charles or Samantha, but I to I.

All is I. Your entire world is I; and as you freely give of your infinity of I in all its ways and forms, in every way that serves the hour, or serves the day, or serves the condition you will discover that that same giving, that same pouring out comes back to you from all your world; because as you recognize all to be I or I am, and then act as I, freely give as I, you will discover that the I you recognize as being all in your world freely gives to you in the same measure you mete it — which is unconditional infinity of all in your universe, without you having to ask, without you having to make effort.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men [and the world] give into your bosom, for with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Luke 6:38

Freely give in the awareness of I being all, and your world opens up as the gift of I in infinite ways, in infinite forms of good, of joy, of the multiplication of every form of good.

Freely give, and in this way freely behold -- not freely receive, although to human sense it appears as receiving, but freely behold -- the abundance of good that I am as all in your world.

Ye are gods, therefore be gods. Never, never hold in mind the idea that you need something, therefore the idea of getting, of gaining, of winning, of earning, of laboring for your good. No. Hold in your mind the one truth of being, that ye are a god; therefore give, serve, share, pour out as a god.

Keep a keen awareness of how to give.

How can I give this hour?

What more can I give this hour? — as I to I, as I am to I am.

Only in this way do we fulfill the two great commandments given us through the Voice of the Master. “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength; and love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment [truth] greater than these. “

Love your neighbor as I am.

Your "neighbor" is every person, every thing, every place, every condition throughout your consciousness. Love your neighbor as yourself. Recognize your neighbor, recognize all as I am; and then be the God you are. Give, give, give.

Think all day and night how to give in greater and greater ways, how to pour out the infinity that I am as you, to and as and for all the I am that is your world; and in this way, and this way only, does all the I am of your world open up and pour itself out by the same measure you are being it.

The same measure you are pouring out flows back to you multiplied — indeed multiplied, as the Master revealed — some thirty fold, some sixty fold, some one hundred fold, some one thousand fold, some ten thousand fold — unto infinity — for I truly am everything you are.

I truly am your I, your consciousness; and I truly am all that you are conscious of.

I am; nothing but I am, and I am you.

You are the greatest gift of I.

Freely give your gift of I, My Beloved Friends; and your whole world, all your senses will be filled with the ever- and omnipresent good that I am.

Thank you My Friends, thank you so very deeply.

Our next class will be after Christmas, so have a very special, sacred, wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Realize that I am with you as you are with me in the joy, the wondrous celebration of Christ or Buddha made evident as each of us, as every person, as all in and of the world.

Let us celebrate together, the wonderful truth of God, unconditional Good, being literal you, me and all.

Thank you.

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