12 Additional "I Am NOW" Meditations

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Only God is.



Only God, Spirit and Truth, is.

This is why we are told, “Ye are gods [spiritual beings].”

You are spiritual being not human, mental, physical,
material being.

Ye are a god.



Only a god is capable of witnessing God because only a god has nothing except God going on within and without.

God is infinity, one, omnipresent and instantaneous; therefore all Good is infinity, one, omnipresent and instantaneous.



Only God is.

Only Is is.

Only oneness is.

Only omnipresence is.

Only instantaneity is.

Only this instant of Now is.



Because God is, and because is exists only Now,
everything of God, Good, is instantaneous –
this instant of Now.

Everything of true identity inclusive of true tangible experience is; therefore exists in and as this instant of Now.



God – all Good – is.

The moment of experience is itself the moment of evident form throughout individual consciousness.



Is – oneness, omnipresence and instantaneity – does not
contain different time zones.

Nothing of God, Truth, travels, unfolds, becomes; nothing is gradually realized, evidenced, visible, tangible; nothing changes from unfulfilled to fulfilled.

I Am “the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

All already is because only oneness is, only omnipresence is, only Now is.



Nothing of existence is separate, different, subject to time, space, cause, effect. All is God, one, omnipresence,
this instant of Now.

God does not contain times zones, therefore gods (spiritual being and experience) do not contain times zones. And if there are no time zones there is no experience of time.

But, this truth must be realized. It must become true and alive in you by you meditating with it to the point of practical realization; to the point where you can observe the appearance of time and space, cause and effect yet know these are simply pictures of sense without power, without substance, without form in themselves, while you stay in reality -- God,oneness, omnipresence, Now.

Meditate deeply with this each and every day. Then, more and more, you feel its reality welling up in you, becoming real for you.

This is the key. When a truth is real for you it is real and visible in experience, for you and experience are one.

When truth is real for you you hear the Master's words and you have them visibly evident throughout your life.

"The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit,
and they are life.” John 6:63

The words of truth you read or hear are themselves the instant of evident form throughout your mind,
body and world.

The moment of experience is the moment of evident form.

Realize this, and you discover that you have the visible, tangible experience of it.



When we become aware of a thing – a word, a sound, a fragrance, an object, a person – it is God apparent to our sense as that thing (whatever the thing is).

In sense we define it as a "word," a "sound," a "fragrance, an "object," a "person"; but all is God itself, therefore all sensed things are God itself.

And because God is the fulfillment of itself, forever one, omnipresent, and instantaneously evident, all is the one fulfillment, omnipresent and instantaneously evident as whatever form it may appear to be to individual sense.

When I become aware of you, what is presenting itself to me is God sensed by me as you.

The instant you touch my awareness (either "mentally, in thought" or "physically, in person") is the instant of you being evident as God-form to me.

The form of you is (and has no other choice but to be) that of God quality, characteristic, activity, purpose because nothing except God exists.

The instant of you stepping into my awareness is the instant of my God experience of you because I do not have anything except God going on in me, within and without.

Each instant is the instant of God experience. No matter what form presents itself to me, the instant of its presentation is the God-evident instant.

There is no other time, form or circumstance; no other possibility. Only God is, therefore the only thing that presents itself to me is God, no matter how it appears to be to sense.



If I start "outside of" God awareness, then attempt to bring my awareness "to God" I fail to see form
as it truly is.

If this instant is not the one and only instant of God awareness “in me,” and I am forever living in hoped for "future" God awareness (even a future of one minute's time) I am forever keeping the evidence of God away from my experience by the very future I believe in
and hope for.

If I believe you are "you, a human" with the potential of being evident as a god in my experience, I will never be able to experience your truth. I am holding your truth "in potential," therefore will forever have your truth
“in potential.”

The God experience is either now or never. There is no future in God, therefore there is no future God experience available to us.

Be constantly aware of God as all, this instant of Now.

Recognize nothing except God in your experience,
despite all appearance to the contrary.

Only God is, this instant of Now.



Refuse to be tempted to serve "otherness." Say "no, absolutely not" to all temptation to believe in and act upon (serve) that which appears to be, in itself.

"Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." Matthew 4:10

It is only when we absolutely know and serve God alone – God as being the one real, actual, omnipresent, omni-visible, omni-palpable flesh and bones of all-of-all, without "helping" anything along by mental or material means – that God is free in us, within and without, to be seen and experienced as it is.

It is when we free ourselves in God of even the idea of employing any mental, physical or material help for our problems that we discover we do not have any.

All problems dissolve in the presence of all-in God in us. But if we hang onto even the possibility that we can still turn to outside help if we need to, God is imprisoned in us, unable to reveal itself as all in our consciousness.

This instant is the instant of God being evident. Know me and see all this instant as the presence of God, and all will be so to you; but know and see all not as God, and then attempt to lift your realization to God as and for the harmony all, and you will never manage it.

God is this instant, or never.

Realize that all Good is, this instant of Now.



If God is the only, then God is the one being, mind, body, substance, presence, form, activity, visibility, tangibility, actuality. None except God exists.

“I am the Lord thy God [existence, truth], I am the Lord [Awareness Itself], and there is none else, there is no God [existence] beside me.Isaiah 45:5

There is no outer vs. inner in God. God is, which is omnipresence; and omnipresence is the whole of itself at every point of the infinite at the same time.

Omnipresence does not have an inner versus an outer. Omnipresence is undefinable is, oneness.

Do not seek within for outer good. Seek God as God is; seek the kingdom of is as it is, for the experience of that which it is (not for the experience of a nameable good for a nameable you, me, thing or condition).

If you need. . . .

If you need health realize that you already are and have health. Health is, Now.

If you need love realize that you already are and have love. Love is, Now.

If you need wealth realize that you already are and have wealth. Wealth is, Now.

If you need home realize that you already are and have home. Home is, Now.

If you need safety realize that you already are and have safety. Safety is, Now.

If you need happiness realize that you already are
and have happiness. Happiness is, Now.

If you need freedom realize that you already are
and have freedom. Freedom is, Now.

If you need spiritual realization realize that you already are and have spiritual realization.
Spiritual realization is, Now.

Know this truth, and the truth will make you free.

Whatever your sense of need is, know that fulfillment already is because God already is – in the most real, visible, tangible, practical form.

Then rest, and freely receive the light of clear seeing.

“Fear not, little flock; it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. . . .  Be not afraid: for I am [this instant, Now] with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.”

I Am NOW, this instant.


Paul F. Gorman

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